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Juliet Angus Fashion Blog: Has ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Reached New Heights?

Juliet Angus was a stay-at-home mother when she first joined Ladies of London. Her husband, Gregor Angus, was working a lot and he was traveling between Berlin and Stockholm with a company that had brought them to London in the first place. Juliet worked on getting herself into the social circle in London, and she managed to become great friends with Caroline Stanbury. But all of the ladies within the group had something to work on. At the time, Caroline was working on The Gift Library, and Julie Montagu was busy with her healthy snacks after her yoga lessons. Angus needed something to do, so she decided to start a fashion blog.

According to a new Bravo report, Juliet Angus celebrated her success as a fashion blogger on the season finale of Ladies Of London as she had reached about 100,000 followers on Instagram. That episode was filmed months ago, and she now has 136,000 followers. And it sounds like Juliet’s hard work is paying off, as she’s starting to see the success pay off. While her husband is busy with travels and work, she can focus on her blog and her children back in London.

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“Every day I am working on my blog, on my career,” Juliet Angus explains to Bravo about her growing success, adding, “It’s been fun, and I’m so proud and so happy.”

Of course, Angus has shared some of her work on the blog on Ladies of London, and her co-stars know that she’s working hard on it. But she hasn’t talked about whether she has monetized the blog or if it is a full-time career move. As it turns out, Juliet has already managed to create some great relationships with fashion companies in London, and she will gladly model for her own blog.

“I’m constantly, every day working on beautiful images and photo shoots and everything, which is a lot of work,” Juliet Angus explains about her blog, sharing that she isn’t afraid of making changes and following the trends of the fashion world, adding, “So I’m now redoing the blog and the logo. It’s a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, especially when it’s you, yourself. It’s not a team deciding.”

So, what keeps Juliet going with the blog? For some people, blogging can quickly become a tedious task, and they quickly give up when they don’t see success overnight. But for Juliet Angus, it’s actually the followers that keep her going. As it turns out, some readers see her as a style icon. And this kind of compliment is enough to keep her going, to keep blogging every day and offer deals to her readers.

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“This season, literally on my Instagram over the last couple of weeks I’ve had people saying that I’m a style icon to them, I’m a style inspiration. That’s so sweet because they’ve stayed with me along the journey,” Juliet Angus explains about her followers, according to Bravo, sharing that her fans keep her motivated to keep going – and this includes her Ladies of London followers.

“I’ve stayed true to who I am, but the people watching, you either get it or you don’t, but the people who do get it have been so supportive that literally, that’s the inspiration for me. It’s really nice. The last couple of posts I’ve done, I’m like, this is what you do this for,” Angus explains to Bravo, sharing that if the show returns, she will continue to blog about fashion.

What do you think of Juliet Angus’ success as a fashion blogger? Are you surprised that this Ladies of London star has managed to get so many followers over the years?

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