Melania Trump Reacts To Negative Press

Melania Trump Reacts To Negative Press About Her, Thanks Women Who Speak Up

First Lady Melania Trump is reacting to negative press going around about her after a Sports Illustrated model tweeted about an encounter she had with a reporter from the New York Times on Sunday night.

Melania Trump pays close attention to what reports say about her in the news feeds and on social media. SI model Emily Ratajkowski tweeted on Monday that a reporter from the Times said something derogatory about the first lady, presumably due to false reports that were published last August. It was a story that prompted the first lady to file a $150 million lawsuit against Mail Media, Inc., the owner of the Daily Mail, which published an article claiming at one time in Melania’s young life she was a “high-end escort.” The story was untrue, and Mrs. Trump demanded all media outlets that printed the fabrication retract the reports and issue an apology or face stiff legal consequences.

Emily Ratajkowski defended Melania Trump after a journalist with the NYT spread an “unfounded rumor” that was based on the libelous reports. The first lady reacted to the negative press and Emily’s support in her own tweet that was on her official FLOTUS Twitter account.

“Applause to all women around the world who speak up, stand up and support other women! @emrata #PowerOfEveryWoman #PowerOfTheFirstLady,” she tweeted.

Mrs. Trump is selective about what she posts on social media, so it’s significant that she reacted to the latest buzz considering Emily Ratajkowski announced that a reporter called her a “hooker.” Ratajkowski went on to defend Melania in her tweet.

“Whatever your politics it’s crucial to call this out for what it is: slut shaming. I don’t care about her nudes or sexual history and no one should. Gender specific attacks are disgusting sexist bullsh**.”

A lot is being reported on Ratajkowski’s tweet from Monday. The New York Times is one of President Donald Trump’s most disliked news outlets, and he often rips into them for criticizing him throughout the campaign and now his presidency. Hearing that one of its journalists is insulting his wife won’t help matters.

The NYT did issue a statement about the incident Emily Ratajkowski brought attention to, expressing that what the reporter said about Melania Trump was “inappropriate,” and the individual has been talked to about the comment uttered on Sunday night in New York. The reporter wasn’t identified in the statement.

“At a party last night, a Times reporter who does not cover Washington or politics referred to an unfounded rumor regarding Melania Trump. The comment was not intended to be public, but it was nonetheless completely inappropriate and should not have occurred. Editors have talked to the reporter in question about the lapse.”

In other Melania Trump news, the first lady is still residing at Trump Tower in Manhattan with her 10-year-old son, Barron. The two will move to the White House later this year after Barron finishes school. Melania makes weekend appearances with her husband, with the latest being at Mar-a-Lago this weekend when she helped host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe.

Mrs. Trump had her first solo duty as the nation’s first lady when she took Akie Abe to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida. It was reported then that Melania plans to maintain former First Lady Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden on the White House’s South Lawn. Photos of the two women were seen on the official FLOTUS account.

Melania Trump has tweeted five times since becoming the first lady.

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