Kylie Jenner nude dress outing

Kylie Jenner Kickoffs Second Pop Up Shop In Orange Hairdo And Nude Mini Dress

Kylie Jenner finally commenced her highly anticipated pop up shop in a new orange hair make and a bold nude dress. The shop, which is situated on 27 Mercer Street, New York was premiered on Monday.

Kylie, who never fails to indicate her fashion choice bravado, stepped out in her latest orange hairdo, a nude figure-hugging, brown mini dress, a fuzzy faux coat and shin-high laced up boots.


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She showed up extravagantly with her sweetheart, Tyga, who was dressed in a cap, trainer pants, and a black leather coat.

The Valentines Collection ❤????

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Kylie’s store which is rather short term, owing to the fact that it will stay open until Tuesday or when stock runs out, is purposefully there to sell her well-renowned Kylie Cosmetics. The items offered include her profitable and popular lip gear, branded sweatpants, and audacious lingerie.

Satin Bombers #Vday

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The 19-year-old brunette stirred some controversy after using her lip products on Kanye and Kim’s daughter, North West, and displaying it on social media.

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Kylie, who was closely followed by her man Tyga, who added his joy for her on social media as he congratulated her on her new career development. The TV star has so far exhibited a substantially prosperous entrepreneur’s acumen in the business world. Of course, all this coming at the tender age of 19 years adding the remarkable spin on it.

Congratulations on your NYC Pop up Store!!!???????? ????⭐️⭐️⭐️????????????

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The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST and shoppers can purchase products online as is officially inaugurated on Tuesday.

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Miss Jenner was supposed to be at the venue by 10 a.m., and there was a slight disappointment for the numerous fans who were eagerly awaiting her presence as she did not arrive until 12 noon. This, however, hardly did anything to dampen the mood as they displayed their utmost affection and admiration for the celeb as she stepped out.

Some fans were already camping on the street as early as Saturday to begin the hiatus of the store and Kylie’s arrival. Their love for her was evidently more than the unbearable weather conditions at hand. More joined in the wait and by 7 a.m. on the day of the scheduled opening, the line formed stretched down the block.

???? MY TEAM! Can't BELIEVE the LOVE today!!!!!!!

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Kylie was ecstatic and grateful to the fans and the treasurable experience which they gave her at the opening. She took to Social media to express her utmost delight and acknowledgment for them.

She later on posted, “Today was an unreal experience! Not a moment goes by when I’m not over the top thankful and grateful for each and every one of you. We’ve got a good team! There would be no me without you let’s keep building!”

Kylie, who is the youngest of the Kardashian family, had been teasing her fans with glimpses of her latest secret move. She had a couple of Instagram posts indicating the preparations that were being taken and how she kept a tab on things. Such was the built up excitement that fans traveled from as far as Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of the store and the reality TV star.

This is the second-like venture of Kylie Jenner with her first pop up shop being opened in Los Angeles around the festive period towards the end of last year. Her business has continued to expand and do well financially. Last year, Forbes estimated the revenue accumulation of her cosmetics business to be worth $18 million.

Her shop is expected to sell through the Valentine’s period, keeping keen shoppers glued on the activities surrounding it until it closes.

The 19-year-old model also indicated to a future venture with Sister Kendall. The two showcased their first collaboration with Topshop in 2015 and have definitely hinted of doing “another line drop one on their various social media pages.

Meanwhile, Kylie and the rest of the fame-struck Kardashian family are going to be at it again with the 13th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which will have its opening night on March 5 on E!.

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