Jerry Sandusky Sentenced In Major Child Molestation Case

Jerry Sandusky Son Arrested For Sexting Children Including Girlfriend’s Kids

Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of disgraced former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky seems to have something in common with his father, because today, Jeffrey Sandusky was arrested for sexual assault and the sexting of minors, including his own step-children. Jeffrey Sandusky has also been accused of the solicitation and corruption of minors. The younger Sandusky was taken into custody today in Pennsylvania, while the older Sandusky will likely die in prison after being found guilty on ten counts of child rape.

Sexting, solicitation, and child pornography have been in the news lately as men of some notoriety have been indicted on these charges, including Jared Fogle from Subway, and former Glee star Mark Salling, according to the Inquisitr. Salling is going to trial in May on charges of possessing thousands of images of children involved in sex acts with adults. Salling has been indicted, and is out on bail at this time with an ankle monitor. For now, Salling must ask permission before using the internet.

The Daily Mail stated that Jeffrey Sandusky, ironically a corrections officer in Pennsylvania, was charged today on fourteen counts of various sexual crimes against children. Court papers show the warrant for Sandusky’s arrest, and the charges including the solicitation of minors for sex acts. Disturbingly, at least two of the victims are the teen daughters of Sandusky’s former girlfriend.


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Jeffrey Sandusky was given bail of $200k, but at this time, he is still in the custody of the Center County Correctional Facility. The charges at this time include statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, photographing and videotaping minors, and depicting on computer or filming sexual acts. It is thought that more charges could be added, as more victims are thought to exist.

The documents filed with the court include transcripts of text messages where Sandusky asks one victim for nude photos of herself, and then makes a request for oral sex. He asks another victim not to tell anyone about their “relationship.” A response from one victim calls Sandusky out for the sexual molestation.

“No, we don’t need to talk and we aren’t going to. You did what you did and I’m not going to give you a chance to try and justify it. You literally tried to guilt me into doing it and you even told me specifically what I ‘needed’ to do. You know who does that? Rapists and abusers, not [redacted] who care about their [redacted]. I don’t know how many times I need to tell you no and to stop before you get it.'”

The Daily Beast stated that Jeffrey Sandusky was handcuffed and taken into custody today at the home of his mother, Dot Sandusky. Jeffrey is one of Jerry and Dot Sandusky’s six adopted sons. The two accusers, who were fifteen and sixteen at the time of the alleged attacks, are thought to be the children of Sandusky’s former girlfriend.

The complaint was made by the father of the two girls, who first went to the local police in November of 2016. Jeffrey Sandusky lived with the girls and their mother for nearly five years. When the mother was told, she asked Sandusky to move out, and at that time, he moved in with his mother. Reportedly, Jeffrey Sandusky tried to make excuses to his now former girlfriend.

“He [Sandusky] was trying to help her daughter by getting naked pictures of her off the internet and needed naked pictures of her to do it and to ‘role play.'”

The affidavit included more details of Sandusky’s reaction to the child molestation accusations.

“Jeffrey Sandusky advised [the mother] that he was sorry and didn’t remember what he had said and then opened up and advised he knows it was wrong and inappropriate.”

While several of Jerry Sandusky’s adopted sons had accused him of sexual molestation, Jeffrey Sandusky is the one son that still insists that his father is “100% innocent.”

Brother Matt Sandusky said that if the allegations against his brother are true, then he should not see the outside of a prison for the rest of his life.

Are you surprised that another Sandusky family member has been charged with sexual molestation charges?

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