Latest WWE Rumors suggest Roman Reigns may be traded

WWE Rumors: Was Roman Reigns’ Defeat Deliberate? Fans Speculate His WWE Future

You have to give credit to Roman Reigns: he knows how to get the people talking about him. Now, however, that may not be enough to secure his future in wrestling, because the latest WWE rumors suggest that not only was his recent defeat at the hands of Samoa Joe a deliberate move to knock him out of the ring, but thanks to this, his future with the company is in question. Also, fans have already heard of the WWE rumors that speculate that Reigns will be traded to SmackDown Live when the draft reopens, but how true are these rumors?

First, let’s talk about the WWE rumors regarding Reigns’ injury at the hands of Samoa Joe. According to 411Mania, many wrestling experts believe that Samoa Joe pinning Reigns was “the right call,” and one that was necessary to continue the flow of Reigns’ career. Let’s suppose, for a minute, that Samoa Joe was beaten by Roman Reigns — how effective would Samoa Joe be as Triple H’s “heavy” if he’d been bested by Reigns in their first match? Yes, Roman Reigns is “The Man,” but winning too much — especially when it’s a wrestler that’s pretty hated — doesn’t do anything for story or character development.

That said, where does Reigns go from here?

According to FanRag‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Samoa Joe is precisely the kind of shakeup that someone like Roman Reigns needs for his career in the WWE.

The outlet feels as though other wrestlers — including Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman — all had their chance to capitalize off of the success of Reigns to propel their career forward, but none were able to do so. However, Samoa Joe just might be the right wrestler for the job, if the WWE sticks to the proper storyline.

“What the end goal should be, whether in Owens’ case then or Joe’s case now, is building a wrestler who can be your full-time brute destroyer. You need that character who take Lesnar’s spot, or at least equal it, for the time being. Simply booking a match and beating Lesnar is not good enough; you need it to be believable. Otherwise, you just have Vince McMahon’s wet-dream match of eventually having Reigns and Lesnar truly go one-on-one, with Reigns getting the clean pin and not only having your audience not buy it, but lash out against it. It is tough to confidently say whether or not Owens could have been that guy, but Joe absolutely can. Joe brings to the table one of the most important elements in this regard — something you just can’t add to a character, and something not everyone is able to attain: Credibility.”

Finally, the latest WWE rumors from Daily DDT suggest that the future for Roman Reigns now hangs in the balance thanks, in no small part, to the Samoa Joe situation. Reigns is no longer small enough for a mid-card title run, and he got as far as he could during Monday Night Raw. If he’s traded to SmackDown Live, this could mark the beginning of a World Heavyweight Champion title run — which, as every wrestling fan knows, is the highest honor in the business. That is not a belt Reigns could have competed for if he stays with Monday Night Raw.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think Roman Reigns will be traded to SmackDown Live? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments below.

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