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‘RHOBH’ Season 7: Kyle Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna In Episode 11 [PROMO]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 returns with an all-new episode, Tuesday, February 14, with “Backed Into a Corner.” According to the official synopsis and latest spoilers, Episode 11 will see Kyle Richards finally confront Lisa Rinna about the allegations she’s been making about her sister, Kim Richards.

Fans can expect more drama when the next episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 airs this Tuesday. As seen in the promo for episode 11, Kyle Richards asked Lisa Rinna to clarify what she has been saying about her sister Kim to RHOBH newcomer Eden Sassoon.

In the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eden sat with Lisa Vanderpump to explain why she has been so concerned with Kyle and Kim. Eden revealed that she only felt the need to interfere because of all the information Eden’s feeding her.

“After game night, after Rinna and Kim’s argument, when we were shopping, Rinna said to me, ‘I don’t think she’s sober.’ Kyle’s guilt came up and the fact that she enables her. Rinna said to me that Kim is on the path to destruction, like near death,” she told Vanderpump.

Now understanding where Eden’s concern is coming from, Vanderpump said that she now feels more comfortable having a relationship with the RHOBH newcomer.

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Later in Mexico, Vanderpump told Kyle all about the talk she had with Eden. After hearing the truth, Kyle got really upset, especially because Rinna promised that she would stop talking about Kyle when she asked for forgiveness. With all that her sister has gone through, Kyle found it frustrating how Rinna could go around spreading rumors about Kim.

“My sister’s complicated. I know that. Was she lovely to Lisa Rinna on game night? No, but that doesn’t mean go on and make up s**t about her that’s not true, that’s not f**king fair. This past year and a half has been really hard for my sister and she’s on a really good path and has a lot of exciting things happening to her life. She cannot come along and f**k that up and then accuse me of contributing to it. Lisa Rinna needs to sew her f**king lips shut.”

When Kyle Richards told the rest of the group what Lisa Vanderpump told her, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley admitted that it was actually possible that Lisa Rinna would say all about these things about Kyle Richards.

“I definitely think Lisa Rinna could have said these things to Eden. Mostly because I can picture her sort of saying those things,” Dorit told the cameras.

The “Painkillr” singer, on the other hand, refused to believe that Rinna will spread such nasty rumors about Kim but admitted that her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star could do just that.

“I hate to hear this. I like Lisa Rinna. But you know, it’s possible that Lisa said those things to Eden. I just don’t have the facts,” Erika said.

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During an appearance on Live with Kelly back in January, Erika Girardi was asked who among her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars would she consider the “craziest.”

“Rinna says some things that can get the party started. Rinna can say some things that can get it going. I mean we’re all nuts, in a good way.”

On her Bravo blog, Eden Sassoon said that she felt relieved now that Kyle Richards and the rest of RHOBH cast knew why she was obsessed with Kim’s sobriety. Although she did not want to throw Lisa Rinna under the bus, Eden explained that she just needed to speak her truth.

“The girls aren’t totally sold on my intentions yet I don’t think, and that’s okay. But knowing that Kyle doesn’t think I’m lying? That’s enough for me right now,” she said.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Bravo. Watch the promo for Episode 11, “Backed Into a Corner,” below.

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