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WWE Rumors: John Cena’s ‘Elimination Chamber’ Loss Confirms ‘Wrestlemania’ Bout

Bray Wyatt’s recent championship win at the Elimination Chamber has made the path to Wrestlemania 33 clearer and clearer. As speculated, Randy Orton, who won the Royal Rumble will be facing the Eater of Worlds at the grandest stage of them all. This leaves one big question for WWE fans. Where does all of this leave a superstar of John Cena’s stature?

According to Wrestlezone, John Cena will be teaming up with Nikki Bella to face The Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania 33. This has already been in the rumor mill for quite a while now, but it is only recently that the WWE has made any attempt to jump start the feud. A backstage segment at the Elimination Chamber of Nikki Bella bumping into Maryse and knocking her to the ground all but sets up this match at Wrestlemania 33.

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This seems to be an odd move for the WWE, considering John Cena is one of the biggest names out there. And having Cena take part in a mixed tag team match at Wrestlemania 33 seems a bit lackluster, to say the least. John Cena was heavily rumored to be facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 before Roman Reigns’ performance at the Royal Rumble spoiled all of that.

But this might not be a bad thing. The Miz and John Cena were part of an amazing feud back in the day, and it would be great to have them reignite that. Plus, having Cena and the Miz’s real life partners battle with them will definitely make the angle that much more interesting. It is also quite possible that having John Cena fight alongside Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33 may just be part of his farewell tour from the WWE. Cena is heavily rumored to be on the last leg of his legendary WWE career.

Coincidentally, the WWE has released a video of “5 WWE rivalries that need a redo.” One of them showed the old rivalry between John Cena and The Miz. While the rivalry between Cena and The Miz was great TV, putting it alongside rivalries like Goldberg vs. Triple H and Kane vs. The Undertaker just seems really suspicious. Add the fact that the timing of the video is equally fishy since Wrestlemania 33 is getting quite near.

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The road to Wrestlemania 33 is becoming quite obvious to long-time wrestling fans. The Undertaker looks set to rumble with Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens will most likely have a best friends match with Chris Jericho even without the title, Brock Lesnar will be trying to get his revenge on Bill Goldberg and it could be for the title, Randy Orton will be gunning for the championship against Bray Wyatt, and John Cena will be teaming up his real life partner Nikki Bella to take on the Miz and Maryse.

Another theory is this huge match with John Cena is probably the WWE’s way of putting the Miz back into the thick of things. It is quite weird how the WWE put the whole Dean Ambrose vs. the Miz feud to an abrupt halt, and the only explanation is that they have better things cooking for the superstar. A match with John Cena might just be that answer and quite possibly more title contention opportunities after Wrestlemania 33.

With John Cena and Nikki Bella battling the Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania 33, everyone finally has their dance partners at the event. It remains to be seen how receptive fans are going to be leading up to Wrestlemania 33, and it is worth noting that the WWE can change this if they wanted to. But right now, it seems like this is where they are putting John Cena at Wrestlemania 33 as for the moment.

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