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Black Friday: Walmart Workers Angry Over Thanksgiving Sale Pushing Forward With Walkout Threats

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Black Friday checkout lines may be a lot longer at Walmart than in recent years. Employees angry about working conditions and low wages have been threatening a nationwide walkout on the biggest shopping day of the year for several months. The early start to special holiday deals and doorbusters on Thanksgiving evening have reportedly added fuel to the fire for already disgruntled Walmart employees.

Tensions between workers and the company allegedly intensified significantly when many employees were scheduled to work through Thanksgiving to get ready for the early Walmart Black Friday sale, according to the Truth-Out website.

Making Change at Walmart Director Dan Schlademan had this to say about the Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day sale:

“This essentially cancels Thanksgiving for hundreds of thousands of workers. Lots and lots of Walmart workers are going to be forced to not have Thanksgiving because they’re going to be preparing all day for the busiest shopping day of the year.”

The Making Change at Walmart group reportedly used the internet to connect with workers at the more than 4,000 stores across the United States, according to the Huffington Post. Making Change at Walmart website visitors can opt to help “sponsor” a striking worker. Donations toward grocery gift cards totaled more than $13,500 by the middle of last month.

If Walmart workers leave their registers vacant on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the impact could be felt not only by the company but potentially by the non-union workers as well. Thousands of unemployed Americans may be all too eager to put on a blue smock and ring up Christmas purchases if the store decides to terminate workers who do not show up for their shifts.

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13 Responses to “Black Friday: Walmart Workers Angry Over Thanksgiving Sale Pushing Forward With Walkout Threats”

  1. Michelle Rivas-Staggs

    omg seriously so u know how many people would kill for your job right now? you want to walk out we are ready to step in my family needs food on the table and if you don't want your paycheck I'll take it.

  2. Richard Borys

    Unions certainly are not the answer to this problem. The big shopping day needs to be moved to a different day. That should solve the problem of people being with their families for Thanksgiving Holiday.

  3. Ronald Matrisch

    I have had friends who worked at Walmart, many put up with crap because it is a job.But I bet Walmart corp will be taking the days off.Yet expect workers to leave family to have to work, all because of greed.Wonder how the founder would feel if he was still alive.Sam Walton I pray you are not turning in your grave over this decision.Family values down the toilet, so Waltons heirs can add to their greed.I do hope a nationwide boycott happens.

  4. Sharper Image

    why do people shop on black fri….these are no deals..any dummy knows the best deals are after christmas…people greed causing problems again…i hope they do walk out and show these chumps that family comes first!

  5. Vinson Burns

    The trouble is, I do think Wal-Mart needs a Union, but at the same time, you took a job in which demands service during the Holiday, while I agree, most should not miss out on every holiday (Meaning they get some, not all to celebrate.) They can't just walkout on their job. This is a business and the business to them comes first. Personally, I guess I can't see their view not being a father, but I can see that I would also not want to be them, spending a big holiday in a store… oh wait, I am. Though I do not work at Wal-Mart, I choose to work that day, knowing full well I get time and a half doing so.

  6. Mary Rogers

    If WalMart doesn't open,the shoppers will just go to another store. In this economy,they can't afford to be closed on Black Friday. The company has a duty to it's stockholders. WalMart exists to make money. It has no other purpose. If the workers don't show up,they will simply hire new employees,simple as that. Might not be "fair" but it is what it is.

  7. Ronald Matrisch

    Mary I simply am talking about Thanksgiving day itself.Not the Friday after.They could close one day and not hurt their bank account.Not like it would put them out of business

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