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Pregnant Arizona Woman Holly Solomon Runs Down, Nearly Kills Non-Voting Husband, Blames Him For Obama’s Re-Election

pregnant woman runs over husband blames him for obama election

Pregnant Arizona housewife Holly Solomon has taken post-election outrage to a new level, blaming her husband for what she deemed an unfavorable result after President Obama’s win last week — and running the 36-year-old man down with her Jeep, seriously injuring him.

Solomon, 28, reportedly argued with her spouse on Saturday morning in full view of witnesses, lambasting his lack of voter participation and, ultimately, Obama’s re-election. But the woman’s actions outstripped regular household political bickering, as witnesses report that the Arizona woman began to chase her husband with the Jeep.

As Daniel Solomon sought cover behind a light post, those present report, Solomon attempted to circumvent his evasion with the Jeep, finally striking and running over her spouse with the sport utility vehicle.

And while the story falls into the “odd news” category, the situation is also serious. Solomon’s husband was severely injured in the domestic dispute and is now in critical condition following his wife’s bizarre actions. It is also worth noting that Solomon’s action are likely indicative not of genuine political outrage but rather some sort of underlying issue or condition sparking her unbalanced actions.

Horrified witnesses called 911 to report the woman trying to run her husband over because Obama was elected, with one reporting:

“He got out of the car and she was screaming at him. And he started walking away and she started driving in circles around him and she wouldn’t let him go so finally he took off to try to get away and she ran into him.”

According to medics responding to the scene, Holly Solomon had her husband pinned under the vehicle when they arrived and explained that she had hoped to “scare” him with her actions.

Neither drugs nor alcohol were suspected to be a factor in the incident, and Solomon told police she was angry enough to run her husband over with the Jeep because she believed that Obama’s re-election would cause harm to her family.

After her arrest, Solomon was charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault.

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13 Responses to “Pregnant Arizona Woman Holly Solomon Runs Down, Nearly Kills Non-Voting Husband, Blames Him For Obama’s Re-Election”

  1. Morgan Sheridan

    The 'underlying cause' is hatred. Of course, given the seriousness of the charges, Mrs. Solomon will end up being convicted of a felony, be sent to prison and come out having lost her civil rights.

  2. Kim LaCapria

    I would hazard a guess, as a layperson, that even the most opinionated people would have to be suffering from some form of impaired judgment when choosing such a course of action. I don't think a well person would run over their husband on purpose for not voting.

  3. Morgan Sheridan

    Hatred often makes people do things like endanger and harm others. But hatred does not mean she was unwell or mentally ill. She made her husband the scapegoat for all that she hated. Hate is a choice and she embraced that choice.

  4. Charlie Lemus

    ok, I was never an Obama supporter and I didn't like Romney either… but running over someone for not voting? really?

  5. Janet Anderson

    Holly Solomon, you know what YOU ARE FUCKING SICK for running your husband down with car for not voting you should be sent to life jail term, you this fucking ashole if you are not happy with Obama won then go and jump front of train and kill yourself you sick woman, Obama is a good president other wise he wouldn't have been re-elected but bad people like you still don't happy and hate him because he is black and if you think you want to rely on government to do everything for your family then go and look for a good job or go to another poor country that suit you to look for job, you people should work like China, mexico, u.k, Germany, Hollands, e.t.c and don't always rely on your government on everything you sick bitch!

    If your husband had voted for Obama you would have killed him asshole.
    Killing of dear husband because of politics is complete madness.BITCH!

  6. Lisa Coveyou

    Mental illness is rampant in this country and what are we doing to help? Making jokes and snide comments isn't going to help this womans baby once it's born. God help that child if it doesn't do exactly what she wants it to.

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