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Denise Richards Adopts A Puppy In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

denise richards

Denise Richards adopted a puppy this week as part of her effort to encourage animal adoption in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Richards visited the North Shore Animal League America shelter in Long Island, New York with her two daughters this week and ended up adopting a black Labrador mix named Tara.

The North Shore Animal League America shelter writes on Facebook:

“Denise Richards visited North Shore Animal League America headquarters yesterday to provide vital help in spreading the word about our disaster relief efforts and encouraging adoptions. During their visit Denise and her family fell in love with Tara the Labrador Mutt-i-gree puppy and welcomed her into their home!”

Richards is a well-known animal lover and has adopted several dogs over the years. According to a blog post Richards wrote at iVillage, she’s adopted more than 2,000 dogs over the years.

Richards writes:

“Every other Monday when I’m not working, I go to the shelter and we take out 30-50 dogs that would otherwise be euthanized … The dogs we take out are [driven] to a facility in Utah or Montana. Since joining the program, over 2,000 dogs have been adopted.”

Here’s a photo of Denise Richards and her new puppy.

denise richards

Richards writes:

“When I was little, I swear I brought home every stray dog, hoping my parents would let me keep it. When I first started acting I would help at shelters… One of the many causes near and dear to my heart is animal rescue.”

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61 Responses to “Denise Richards Adopts A Puppy In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Carolyn Sirianni

    I'm proud of Denise& everyone else that cares in this kind of way. Remember folks, if humans were more like our pets, it would be a much better world, less violent.

  2. Pat D'Amico

    God Bless you Denise and your cause. If you ever want to be adopted, I'm available.

  3. Jeff Johnson

    that is really really nice. I worked with all the "left behind" animals in NOLA after Katrina and it is so sad. Just got a new GSP puppy OMG insane. Like a tornado.

  4. Anonymous

    I am proud of Denise…but if she ever tripped I would beat her to the floor.

  5. Marc Osgood

    Because puppies look better in a PR shot with Denise then homeless people…. Is this really the best you can think to do with your money and time?

  6. Samantha Eaves

    What's with all the negative? Its great that some celebrities care enough and want to help animals. That can't ask for help themselves so its really important.

  7. Lani Pollock

    You people, or some of you are psycho! It is only ok if you help people, but if you help animals you are wasting your time???? Makes no sense unless you are fledgling serial killer. You go help the homeless, as I am sure the only people or animals you are helping is your disgusting mouths stuff doritos and beer in your bellies. Get a grip.l

  8. Rich Lehmann

    So people are hit with a hurricane, a bunch of people are die, many more are left homeless, without clean water and electricity so her Hollywood logic concludes… lets inform people about the importance of adopting pets? Am I confused or is she?

  9. Joanne Jensen

    Gail, you're the pathetic one, and obviously not an animal lover. Any way these animals can find happy homes helps. You are one of those people that finds fault in everyone – grow up.

  10. Joanne Jensen

    Yes, you should be impressed. I'm sure you would never take time out of your precious day to think of these poor animals. Grow up and stop bashing people.

  11. Joanne Jensen

    How can you judge someone you don't know, I guess it's just easier to knock them down. People can ask for help and they should get it. Animals cannot.

  12. Joanne Jensen

    How do you know she hasn't helped out in some way? People just love to knock down others. I prefer to find the good in people, not make assumptions.

  13. Janet Moutinho

    Good for you Denise. There are plenty of people out there, to help humans. Animals are not able to speak for themselves. So many times, they are put in the situations they are in, because of uncaring humans. Bless you

  14. Anonymous

    Are you effing kidding me? THIS is flippin news? This is rediculous. So what if some actress adopts a damn dog. Show her out there picking up garbage and debris from the storm. A puppy? How embarrassing for a news story.

  15. Desmond D'Silva

    And I take it you were doing tons of help after the storm? Loser.

  16. Desmond D'Silva

    Why don't you post all your pics of the homeless and poor that you have helped and we will all shut our mouths at the vast amount of charity you do.

  17. Desmond D'Silva

    You bitter loser. I would help a dog or other animal than help you.

  18. Desmond D'Silva

    I think you are confused. Posts here are supposed to be in English.

  19. Desmond D'Silva

    I am that ugly. I would love to see who the other loser is that liked your comment.

  20. Lew Day

    dude i haven't sung kum ba ya since grade school and I STILL have the words memorized!!!!! what're YOU on????

  21. Rich Lehmann

    Yes, I made a typo and you noticed it. Good for you. Whatever helps you feel better about being a cross-eyed soul patched gay Jersey Shore looking douche bag.

  22. Desmond D'Silva

    How did you know that was the look I was going for? I guess you are smarter than I thought. NOT! A typo? More like some language unknown to man. Well now we all know you hate gays too. Wonderful. The world needs more highly educated people like you. LOLOLOL.

  23. Nathan Sims

    Awesome, Lani. Thorne is trolling and had a puppy taken away from him when he was a child.

  24. Robert Hollingsworth

    Nice to see a celebrity who is genuinely giving back to the world. She has a heart of gold to make it a priority to save as many of these animals as possible. If I had the means, I would be right at her side saving many more.

  25. Robert Hollingsworth

    All i know is, there are many animals i would save long before saving many disgraceful human beings on this planet. There is no better love than the love of a pet. I just wish more humans had this capacity of love and commitment that our pets do.

  26. Robert Hollingsworth

    With that attitude Vinnie it is exactly why she prefers helping homeless animals, because they can return that love ten fold. Humans like you would expect something out of it for free. Typical garbage.

  27. Robert Hollingsworth

    Sainnt, first of all you cant even spell your own name. You butchered the english language in your post, and you have the audacity to claim this is embarrassing? How about going back to 4th grade .

  28. Rodolfo Pachecano

    what alot of hate in these comments! this is very sad, no wonder America is going down the tubes. people hating each other just in print, can imagine if these people met in person. sad days for America. Can't we get along!

  29. Gail Moore

    Charming, Desmond. I don't hate. I questiion why this passes for news. My mother DID adopt me, thanks very much – mind your manners.

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