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Tyler Baltierra Starting YouTube Channel: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Claims Fans Want More?

Tyler Baltierra is one of the original Teen Mom OG stars, even though he’s not one of the mothers from the first season of 16 & Pregnant. When Catelynn was filming the show, she was pregnant with her first daughter, and she and Tyler decided to give their daughter up for adoption. While many of the other boyfriends on the show decided to break up with their girlfriends, and at times, abandon their roles as fathers, Tyler and Catelynn have been together since grade 7, and they are now parents to a second daughter.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra revealed that fans want more from him, even though he has shared his life on Teen Mom OG for years. He has filmed the show for many years, and he even created a spin-off show with MTV called Reunited, where fans could see him and his wife help people get reunited with people who they lost contact with due to adoption. In addition to that, Tyler has also written a book with his wife, where they opened up about their struggles.

“Okay. So people kept asking about my Snapchat name, so I only looked for it for like 13 minutes, finally! I am not a very good snapper lol,” Tyler Baltierra revealed on Twitter, linking to his Snapchat profile, hinting that he’s planning on becoming more active on social media.

It's the most AMAZING feeling when your daughter stares into your eyes with pure joy & excitement about her new discovery of snow! These moments I cherish the most! I love being her Father…it's my greatest honor #NovaleeReign

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And it sounds like Tyler may have some plans to spend more time online with his friends because he recently revealed that he’s planning to start a YouTube channel. On this channel, he claims he will just be talking about random comments and topics. It sounds like he just wants something to do rather than tweet all the time. While a random YouTube channel where he talks about anything and everything may sound boring, it sounds like some people would tune in.

“I want to start a YouTube channel & just talk about whatever you guys want me to talk about. Fun, but also sketchy, I have a big mouth lol,” Tyler Baltierra revealed on Twitter, sharing the news that he could be launching a YouTube channel, to which people expressed great interest.

“If your channel is as creative as your insightful comments, quick comebacks, and snappy one-liners…I’m ready to subscribe!” one person wrote to Tyler, while another person added, “I would listen! Make a youtube channel. Will your show be back on? such an inspiration!!!”

Tyler Baltierra wouldn’t be the first person to explore his own YouTube show. Just last year, Jenelle Evans threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 because she felt that the producers were trying to show her in a bad light. In addition, she claimed that MTV’s new president didn’t like her and wanted to make her look bad. Evans said that she wanted to create her own YouTube show, where fans would get to see the positive things she’s doing in her life. While her show was about her life, it sounds like Tyler Baltierra just wants to talk about his feelings and possibly about his marriage.

NEW EPISODE of #TeenMomOG airs TONIGHT at 9pm on @mtv & DON'T FORGET my passion project that I have been working on for the past year airs DECEMBER 5th at 10pm on @mtv #ReUnited

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“I love how your relationship got stronger after having to make the hardest decision of your life!!” one person wrote to Tyler Baltierra about his relationship with Catelynn Baltierra, to which Tyler has revealed, “I think the relationships worthy of fighting for always get stronger after having to make the hardest decisions together.”

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra’s decision about starting a YouTube channel? Do you think people would tune in to see what he would talk about on his channel or do you think he needs to create an original concept to make it a success?

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