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Leah Messer Business: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Focusing On Daughters After LA Trip

Leah Messer has turned her life around over the past couple of years, especially when it comes to her mental and physical health. On Teen Mom 2, Leah admitted to dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression after her second husband decided that he wanted a divorce. Jeremy Calvert hadn’t been ready to deal with a depressed wife, and he argued that she had completely changed after they got married. On the show, Messer admitted to taking anti-anxiety medication that influenced her behavior, and she was often falling asleep in front of the cameras. But these days, Messer is working hard to switch her life around.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer revealed that she’s working very hard so she can provide for her three children. It’s no secret that Messer has made a lot of money from Teen Mom 2, but Leah has also had plenty of expenses because of her daughter Ali, and she recently purchased a home for herself and her daughters. In addition, Leah recently enrolled in school, and she will be going to University in Virginia.

“#Work #Work #Work I don’t stop! #Savings #Investments #College #Babies #SingleMomma #AnythingIsPossible women,” Leah Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing a video of her products, and sharing that she’s motivated to work hard for her children and provide them with a lifestyle that she may not have had as a child.

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Messer has been teasing the launch of her lipsticks on social media, and yesterday, she revealed that she’s working very hard to get her products launched. No word on whether she’s selling now, but it sounds like people want to join her team and work with her to sell more products. One person from Canada even reached out to her, asking her about working with her to sell more products. And it sounds like this Teen Mom 2 star may build a huge network of resellers around the world.

“Is it possible for you to sponsor me even though I live in Canada? I don’t have anybody in my area that sells it lol… I was thinking about selling Scentsy but apparently, it’s too competitive around here. Message me if you can I’d love to make some more money and I know my mom would sign up too cause she knows soooo many people! Thanks,” one person wrote to Leah Messer, clearly interested in getting on her team to help her sell more products.

Leah herself hasn’t produced the products, and she hasn’t created her own line. She’s working with a company to resell their products, and she can create her own brand and storefront to sell the products. And one person explained that the company Messer is working with is called SeneGence.

“It’s LipSense, but the company is SeneGence International. I also sell it. If anyone would like to be a distributor, feel free to contact me and I’d love to help you start,” another person wrote to Leah Messer’s followers, who wanted more information about what Leah was working on.

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Leah Messer hasn’t talked about what company she’s working with, but she wants to focus on the products, and she recently shared a video where she showcased some of the products. In addition, Messer has been sharing pictures of herself wearing some of the shades that she’s selling, and she’s clearly rocking all of the colors.

What do you think of Leah Messer working hard for her children? Do you think she will manage to make this lipstick company a great success?

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