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‘Gossip Girl’ Spoilers: Who Dies In The Next To Last Episode?

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Gossip Girl spoiler alerts allegedly reveal that someone will dies in the second to last episode. The series finale of the ultra-popular hit show is looming ever closer. Faithful fans of the show which focused on the lives of the young and beautiful of Manhattan’s elite, will have all their questions answered about the futures of the main characters on December 17, according to the TV Fanatic website.

During the December 10 episode of Gossip Girl, there will allegedly be a plane crash and someone will die, TV Line notes. At least one major character is on board the fateful plane. Details about the plane crash are reportedly some of the best kept secrets on the show’s set.

Rumors about the unveiling of the individual behind the Gossip Girl texts began circulating not long after the final season of the show began. The voice behind the shocking posts on the show, Kristen Bell, recently tweeted a photo of herself doing a voiceover and captioned the image, “The saddest day I’ve had in a while. Last day on Gossip Girl. I’ll miss you … you snarky b***h.”

The pregnant actress who has been the voice of the churning gossip mill will make an appearance on the finale, if spoiler alerts are accurate. Whether or not Bell’s on-screen cameo means that the identity of reigning scandal hound is finally revealed remains to be seen, according to Wetpaint.

In Gossip Girl “Monstrous Ball” Episode 5, Eleanor has a stern conversation with Blair over the future of Waldorf Designs, according to TV Equals. Serena appears to be unlucky in love once again as she starts to worry about Steven’s attitude toward their relationship. Chuck allegedly finds an unlikely ally to help cause a rift between Lily and Bart – could it be Lonely Boy?

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2 Responses to “‘Gossip Girl’ Spoilers: Who Dies In The Next To Last Episode?”

  1. Anonymous

    This finale just keeps getting better! It seems like the show is determined to go out with a bang, and I am excited to watch. A coworker at DISH and I have been coming up with theories about the many events in the finale. We still haven’t come to a conclusion about who will be on the plane when it crashes. It seems like the odds are not looking good for Chuck, especially with his investigation revealing more about the evil Bart. I can’t wait to find out the truth, my Hopper from DISH is already set to record this entire season so I don’t miss anything. The 2,000 hours of recording space have been amazing with my busy schedule; I never have to worry about falling behind. I can’t wait to come home and experience all of the drama of the last Gossip Girl episodes. Whatever ends up happening, I am sure that the finale will be memorable and captures what the show was all about.

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