Danielle Bregoli Instagram Live Video: 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Twerks In Racy Vid

Danielle Bregoli Instagram Live Video: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Twerks For Fans

Danielle Bregoli is taking full advantage of her fame as the “Cash me outside” girl, with the 13-year-old posting a racy video on Instagram Live video that has gone viral online, with hundreds of thousands of views and plenty of controversy.

The foul-mouthed teen, who first gained fame through an appearance on Dr. Phil, has stayed in the spotlight through some risque social media posts. The clip getting the most attention is one posted this week that shows Bregoli in a bedroom, interacting with fans making comments, and twerking on a bed. Screenshots of some of the more tame parts of the video showed that Bregoli’s bhadbhabie Instagram Live video had close to 70,000 viewers for the live stream.

The “Cash me outside” girl’s Instagram Live twerking video was also uploaded to YouTube and has tens of thousands of views in just a few hours, but it also generated some angry comments from viewers who found it too risque for a 13-year-old to be showing off her body online.

For those who may have missed the viral internet sensation, Danielle Bregoli became famous after an appearance on a show about unruly teens. As New York Magazine noted, her angry catchphrase helped launch her into viral internet fame.

“‘All these hos laughin’ like there’s something funny,’ Bregoli says, gesturing to the audience. ‘Did you say,’ Dr. Phil responds, judiciously pausing and moving his hands as though attempting to sort through Bregoli’s meaning, ‘the hos are laughing?’ The audience begins to applaud. At which point Bregoli unleashes the line that would soon make her an internet star: ‘Cash me outside, howbow dah?‘”

Danielle Bregoli is continuing to make headlines after her appearance. This week, she got into a fight with a passenger on a flight out of LAX and ended up getting kicked off the plane. TMZ shared some details of the “Cash met outside” girl’s airplane brawl.

“We’ve learned Danielle Bregoli and her mom were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX last night… when Mom got into a dispute with a female passenger. We’re told Danielle’s mother was struggling to put her carry-on bag in the overhead, because she’s wearing a walking cast for an injured foot… and the wait wasn’t sitting well with the third party.

“Danielle says the other woman put her hands on her mom’s throat, and that’s why she had to “cold-cock” the impatient passenger.”

Police came to take the three off the plane, and the incident is now being handled by lawyers representing the parties, TMZ reported.


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As Bregoli later explained, she only gets into the fight to defend her mother.

“Danielle has now phoned into TMZ in order to give her side of the story, explaining that she felt obligated to defend her mother, especially seeing that she’s a breast cancer survivor,” HotNewHipHop reported.

And the “Cash me outside” girl is looking to make even more of her 15 minutes of fame. Danielle Bregoli has posted some pictures on her Instagram page of special-made “Cash me ousside” merchandise, using a different variation of the phrase that made the teenager famous.

Cash me ousside with dat new murch. Link in bio ???? @pizzaslime

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She included a link to the merchandise, which includes a blanket emblazoned with Bregoli’s face with a price tag of $250.

Anyone who wants to see more of Danielle Bregoli but doesn’t want to watch the “Cash me outside” girl’s racy Instagram Live video will be in luck — she is set to return to Dr. Phil for an appearance this week.

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