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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Get To Know The Two New Characters

vampire diaries spoiler alerts

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 spoiler alerts give faithful fans a little more insight into the show’s two new recurring characters. Professor Shane’s mysterious motives for relocating into the hamlet for vampires will not become entirely clear for a few more episodes.

Caitlin and Vaughn will make an appearance in Episode 13, according to Zap2it. They will both allegedly be involved with the two different main characters on The Vampire Diaries. If spoiler alerts are accurate, Vaughn is one of “The Five” that Klaus has mentioned in previous episodes. Vaughn could possibly be the answer to finally finding the cure, since Connor is dead and no longer available to help educate the local vampires on the matter, Gather notes.

If Vaughn has killed as many vampires as the show’s heroes believe, his tattoos could be the key to answer many looming questions. The new hunter in town appear to know a lot about the brooding Damon, and will reportedly use that information to get the upper hand on the handsome yet emotionally-tortured vampire. The ultimate vampire hunter may meet an untimely demise by underestimating how deep Damon’s love for Elena flows.

Fans get a full taste of Caitlin in the upcoming episodes. The character will have a “profound” impact on Professor Shane, if The Vampire Diaries spoiler alerts are accurate, she will be able to unearth some details about his motivation for being in town. The academic leader is expected to survive in Mystic Falls until at least Episode 13 of Season 4.

Can the Professor Shane be trusted? All signs currently point towards no.

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3 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Get To Know The Two New Characters”

  1. Anonymous

    Both of these characters sound very fascinating, and seem like they will progress many storylines. I am particularly intrigued by Caitlin, especially because she will reveal the truth about Professor Shane. A coworker at DISH and I have been coming up with theories about his motives. It seems like he has a plan that he is working on, and there is no way that it can be good. I can’t wait to watch the truth come out, to make sure I miss nothing; my Hopper from DISH is already programmed to record the entire season automatically. I love that I never have to worry about missing episodes, even with my late train home. Fast forwarding through commercials on my recordings is also a huge plus, getting me back to the excitement of Mystic Falls quicker. Professor Shane seems like he is planning something and it looks like he is planning on using Bonnie to do so. If he is evil, hopefully Caitlin will reveal his motives before the gang are too late to stop him.

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