Car Crash Pizza

Man Crashes Car Into Home, Offers Owners A Slice Of Pizza

Indianapolis, IN – A man who crashed his car into a house immediately offered the homeowners a slice of pizza following the accident, according to The Huffington Post.

The culprit was 41-year-old William Kise, who admitted to downing a few beers at a friend’s house while waiting for his pizza to arrive. Once his dinner had been procured, he proceeded to get into his Mustang with a slice still in his hands.

IndyStar explains that Kise somehow managed to get his foot stuck on the gas pedal. Since he couldn’t use the brake to stop the vehicle, it plowed directly into the homeowner’s garage. When the individual stepped out to see what had happened, he encountered the suspect behind the wheel of the car.

Obviously upset about the mess he’d made, Kise stepped out of the Mustang and promptly offered the man a slice of pizza. When police searched the vehicle they discovered a pizza box and a bottle of hot sauce in the back seat.

According to FOX 59, the suspect was covered with Tabasco sauce when they arrived on the scene. Officers could also smell alcohol on the driver’s breath. To make matters worse for the guy, he was reportedly slurring his speech at the time of his arrest.

Fortunately for Mark and Rachel Higgins and their four children, no one was injured when the intoxicated pizza fanatic crashed his car into their home. According to WISH-TV, the amount of structural damage caused by the impact has forced the family to temporarily move out of the house.

Battalion Chief Phillip Reuter of the Indianapolis Fire Department explained the damage may ultimately cost the family upwards of $30,000 to properly repair.

For crashing his 2004 Mustang into the Higgins’ home, William Kise has been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and reckless driving. He won’t receive any special awards for offering the homeowner a slice of pizza after the accident.