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Jay Cutler Injury: Bears QB Suffers Concussion In Loss To Texans [Video]

jay-cutler-injury-concussion-video bears vs texans

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was forced to sit out the second half of his team’s 13-6 loss to the Texans on Sunday night after sustaining a concussion in the game’s second quarter.

Cutler suffered the injury with 2:56 remaining in the first half when he scrambled to the line of scrimmage to complete a 42-yard pass to Devin Hester.

As Cutler released the ball, he endured an ugly helmet-to-helmet hit from Houston linebacker Tim Dobbins who was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play. The penalty was eventually negated, however, as it was determined that Cutler threw the ball when he was past the line of scrimmage.

As officials reviewed the play NBC broadcasters mentioned multiple times that Cutler looked “shaken up” or “foggy,” but the 29-year-old athlete ultimately stayed in the game and wound up taking another hit on an 11-yard gain the very next play.

Cutler, who completed seven passes in 14 attempts for 40 yards and two interceptions prior to the injury, was replaced by backup Jason Campbell at halftime.

“He took a lot of hits, more than he needed to take,” said Bears coach Lovie Smith when asked why Cutler didn’t leave the game immediately after suffering the brutal hit. “No symptoms until the half. He took some shots. We just know, at the half, that’s when he did have symptoms.”

When asked if Cutler would be available to play in the Bears upcoming game against San Francisco next Monday, Smith said:

“We’re not ruling Jay out (for next week) by any means .We’re hopeful (that Cutler is available next week), but can’t go that far.”

The Chicago Tribune notes that Cutler suffered his last concussion in 2010.

Watch Jay Cutler’s concussion hit against the Houston Texans in the video below:

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10 Responses to “Jay Cutler Injury: Bears QB Suffers Concussion In Loss To Texans [Video]”

  1. Ben Eaton-Bush

    Cutler was across the line, and Dobbins let up before applying the hit – it could have been a lot worse if he had applied the full impact. Dobbins didn't go for the kill, period.

    Da Bears got turned into a rug last night. Deal with it.

  2. Todd DiFronzo

    That was a real cheap shot…the defender had plenty of time to pull up but chose to hit him…that should be a big fine in my opinion. Not a Bears fan (Go Steelers) but don't like to see that hit to anyone.

  3. Joseph Shmoe

    Why was it apparent to me that Cutler appeared to have a concussion shortly after that hit, but it took medical staff until halftime..just call me Dr. Shmoe

  4. Patti Javoroski

    every time we do good with our team the bears, some one always got to hurt Jay.I hope and prayer that he will come back Strong.. Jay and his team always find a way to come back again.. let win Monday night so we can get back on track 😉 smile GO BEARS!

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