Joy-Anna Duggar Talks About Courtship With Austin Forsyth

Is Joy Anna Duggar Breaking The Traditional Female Duggar Role?

Joy Anna Duggar recently revealed that she had entered a courtship with long-time friend Austin Forsyth. This was sad news for those who had spearheaded the “Free Jinger” campaign hoping that one of the Duggar daughters would break free from their traditional role and leave the family for some time alone before marriage. However, when Duggar daughter Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo, the efforts turned towards Joy Anna, hoping she may be the first to escape. Though Joy Anna is courting, there still may be hope for those hoping to see a Duggar break the traditional female roles in the Duggar house.

The International Business Times notes that despite her courtship, Joy Anna is still very much an individual and doing things different than her sisters. In fact, Joy Anna has reportedly landed a job alongside her brother Jedidiah Duggar in politics.

The Duggar Family Blog revealed that the pair were working for the Arkansas House of Representatives as interns. The post notes that the pair are “exploring career options” while there, indicating that both Joy Anna and Jedidiah may have an interest in entering politics as a career choice. Joy Anna would be the first female in the Duggar family to enter politics, but not the first Duggar.

Jim Bob served a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives after being elected in 1997. The shamed Duggar son Josh also did a stint in politics before it was revealed he had molested his sisters as a young teen and cheated on his wife Anna. Josh worked with the Family Research Council and had moved his family to Washington DC to continue his career as a lobbyist before his world came crashing down as the media caught hold of his checkered past.

The Duggars have been politically active, helping numerous conservative leaders campaign over the years. However, Joy Anna is the first of the Duggar woman to take an active role in creating a potential political career for herself. Joy Anna isn’t stopping with a potential political career either.

The Duggars revealed in a recent Facebook post that Joy Anna was also learning some plumbing from her brother.

Though Joy Anna Duggar is definitely sticking with the Duggar way-of-life, it seems she is more interested in following in the footsteps of her brothers than her sisters when it comes to potential careers. However, Joy Anna does not appear to be breaking any of the Duggar family courting rules when it comes to her relationship with Austin Forsyth.

The Duggars have posted photos of Joy Anna’s chaperoned dates with Austin, Michelle and Jim Bob going on a double date with the pair. Following the outing, Michelle and Jim Bob expressed their excitement over spending time with Austin as Joy’s new courtship partner.

“We had a great time going on our double date with you and Joy this weekend. We are going the time we are getting to spend with you and you as Joy court, and we are so excited to see what the Lord has in-store for you and our sweet Joy!”

Do you think Joy Anna Duggar will have a shot at a career in politics or will her dreams be put on hold for another Duggar wedding?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]