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Gisele Bundchen Teases ‘Brady’s Ladies’ Ahead Of Big Game For Husband Tom Brady

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is obsessed with this year’s Super Bowl and not just because she’s a football fan. Returning all of the support Tom Brady has given her throughout her own career, Bundchen is backing the New England Patriots quarterback, as his team makes its way to this penultimate game.

Marking this year’s Super Bowl, Gisele shared her thoughts with her social media followers and, keeping with the theme established in the new Budweiser Super Bowl ad, Gisele has shared her thoughts on immigration and family. Like that Budweiser spot, Bundchen uses her online presence to emphasize the contributions made by newcomers to the United States.

Gisele Bündchen Supports Super Bowl LI And Tom Brady

We are ready! Let's go @tombrady !! Let's go Pats!!! ✨????✨????????

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Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele, have been looking forward to Super Bowl LI all weekend and perhaps even longer. As New York Daily News shared, Bundchen even took her New England Patriots team spirit to the internet with a number of posts made to her social media accounts in which she shares her love for the team and for Brady, himself. Among her comments about the big game, Bundchen teases the “Brady’s Ladies” phenomenon, showing even greater support for the quarterback in particular.

While the vision the phrase “Brady’s Ladies” conjures in one’s mind may resemble a cheerleader convention, the truth is that the title is used to describe Tom Brady’s closest female relatives, including wife Gisele Bundchen, who all believe themselves to be the quarterback’s biggest supporters. Certainly, Gisele made the top of that list, sharing photos of the group wearing their “Beady’s Ladies” T-shirts.

In one image, Gisele shares a photo of her daughter sporting the special jersey and adds text that proves a daughter’s love is the best.

“Bom dia! Game day! #superbowl#daddyslittlegirl,” writes Ms. Bündchen.

Bom dia! Game day! #superbowl #daddyslittlegirl ✨❤️✨????

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Gisele shared a second photo with her Instagram followers in which all of Tom’s female relatives gathered together for a group photo.

“We are ready! Let’s go @tombrady!! Let’s go Pats!!!” Bündchen captioned the image.

Gisele Bundchen Draws Attention To The Contributions Of Immigrants

The beauty of the human race is in its diversity. We are all connected and we are stronger when we come together. Only ego, beliefs and fears separate us. #weareone #morelove ✨????❤️???? A beleza da raça humana está em sua diversidade. Estamos todos conectados e unidos somos mais fortes. Somente o ego, crenças e medos nos separam. #maisamor

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Gisele also used the occasion to share her thoughts on the immigration issues currently facing the nation, according to the Washington Post. Gisele Bundchen may be on shaky ground, considering Tom Brady enjoys a friendship with newly elected President Trump, but that hasn’t prevented the model from sharing her thoughts on the importance of diversity in American society.

For this photo, Gisele gathered a truly diverse sampling of humanity, posing with Asians, Muslims, and Hindi and African persons. The gathering represented in the image seemed happy and promoting feelings of good will, as they all smiled and waved at the camera.

The beauty of the human race is in its diversity,” writes Bundchen. “We are all connected and we are stronger when we come together. Only ego, beliefs and fears separate us.”

This isn’t the first time Gisele has used her popularity to speak out for causes. Having always been a strongly motivated to alter the effects of climate change, Gisele spoke about the issue at the recent Olympic games and urged the world’s nations to recognize the necessity of working together to forestall any further damage to Earth’s ecosystem.

“The message was clear: We may live in separate countries with unique languages, flags and medal counts, but we are all bound together by the limits of our natural world. At no point was this more evident than when the stadium floor was covered in projected images of cities such as Lagos, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Rio being submerged by rising seas,” said Gisele Bundchen. “On an otherwise joyful night, watching images of the ‘marvelous city’ sink beneath the waves was a sobering moment I will not forget.”

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