Grant Austin attends the 'The Flash' Special Video Presentation and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2016 (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

‘The Flash’ Spoilers: Will There Be Another DC Crossover? Learn More On Theories

There are times when fans see sets of films and TV shows with the stars actually filming. Late last year, a leak for Netflix’s new show A Series of Unfortunate Events featuring Neil Patrick Harris walking with his Count Olaf costume was revealed. This time, a fortunate fan captured what The Flash’s production team may be up to.

A twitter user named @ThemysciraBound posted four blurry photos of what seemed to be a the cast of The Flash with other DC superheroes who are not on the show.

According to Creators, Savitar may also be returning to the show after another photo from the same Twitter account featured the character facing the production team with his full-on costume.

Other closeup photos show Savitar having a bout with Jesse Quick, but this is just one of the theories created from analyzing the photos.

Though it is known that The Flash Episode 17 will bring a crossover to the show, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash, Vibe and Martin the Martian’s sneak peek photo might suggest that these characters may enter the show in as early as Episode 16.

On Savitar and the Big Reveal

Savitar’s antagonistic role has set a different tone for Season 3. During the midseason finale last year, everyone has wondered who Savitar was and why was he after Flash

In one of the episodes from last year, Savitar said, “You are the past, whereas I am the future, Flash.”

This cryptic message may have hinted that Savitar is the Flash from the future, according to iDigitalTimes. Though this may seem like an attractive plot, Savitar’s version in the comics differ. In the comics, Savitar acquired his power after his plane got struck with lightning. There are speculations that Savitar is the speed god, but many wonder if he has a direct relation to the Philosopher’s Stone.

However, there is a discrepancy with Savitar in the comics and his appearance in The Flash. In the comics, he has a different costume, but Savitar’s TV costume has a resemblance on Future Flash in the comics.

Interestingly, Savitar also made a prophecy during The Flash Episode 9 when he said, “I know your strengths. I know your weaknesses. I know you better than you know yourselves.”

Because of his knowledge on Flash and his comrades, it is logical to believe that Savitar may just be Future Flash, but it is also possible that if he is the speed god, he could have acquired knowledge in the multiverses.

“Savitar was the first man ever granted speed. Over time, he became the god of motion, the fastest of us all. Before Savitar graces an earth with his presence, he sends a predecessor to prepare for his arrival. He’s preparing for a battle with you. You are threatening his power. If Savitar has come for you once, he’ll be back,” Jay tells Barry during the episode.

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