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Has Donald Trump, Jr. Been Shipping NY Food To White House For President Trump?

There have been many stories about President Donald Trump and food, including his love of fast food, and how he likes his burgers and steak very well done. But is he particular enough to avoid most of the food in Washington, D.C., and instead have Donald, Jr. ship him food from New York via private jet? And is the job of White House Chef one that anybody wants?

Perhaps the man to ask is Trump’s longtime butler, Anthony Senecal, who said his former boss and friend, Donald Trump, is a very picky eater, says Inquisitr. Anthony Senecal, who retired as Trump’s butler, and went on to work as staff historian at Mar-a-lago threw his support behind his former boss, but then got investigated by the Secret Service after posting racist remarks about President Obama. Senecal says that what Trump hates most is a sloppy dresser.

Word is that fussy eater Donald Trump is taking picky eating to a whole new level, as Page Six says he might have someone sending him food from NYC. It seems Donald Trump, Jr. was seen eating at Italian restaurant San Pietro with NASCAR’s Brian France, and that is the restaurant where the rumor got started.


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So the buzz at San Pietro is that Donald Trump, Jr. has been shipping food from the restaurant (Trump’s favorite dish at San Pietro is the sauteed chicken) and a few other places to Washington D.C. on the private jets of friends. Though there are several fast food restaurants within walking distance of the White House, rumor says that a taste of home is only a plane ride away.

And it’s not like Donald Trump isn’t affiliated with some top level chefs, including French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, says The Hollywood Reporter. But so far, nobody has been tapped by Donald Trump to take the elite position of White House Chef. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, David Burke, and Joe Isidori, all chefs affiliated with Donald Trump and the Trump organization, talked to Hollywood Reporter about what they think of the top chef job in the United States.

Though in all fairness, none of these chefs have been contacted about the position, all had thoughts about why they would or wouldn’t take the top job. Joe Isidori, who currently serves as chef and co-owner of Black Tap, which specializes in a Trump favorite, burgers (well-done of course), worked for the Trumps from 2003 to 2008 as executive chef at both the Trump Organization and at Mar-a-Lago.

“They were so nice to me and treated me like family.”

But in terms of making a move to the White House to work for the family again, Isidori is not interested right now.

“I want to focus on my restaurants and it would be too difficult to do both.”

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten says he would gladly have a conversation with President Trump. Vongerichten was the longtime chef at Trump International Hotel and Trump Tower since 1997, but also has restaurants around the world.

“Of course I would have a conversation with the president. But I have to focus on my restaurants and I have them globally, including in China. I would be concerned about being perceived as political.”

But David Burke has a different take on the top job at the White House, as he already has a restaurant gig in Washington D.C.. Burke took over the post at Trump International Hotel and Tower in Washington. Burke met Donald Trump for the first time back in 1988 when he catered a weekend aboard the Trump Princess yacht.

“It’s not a restaurant, so you don’t have to make money and just think of the resources — you could get anything you want.”

Burke said the top chef post could also be used to create incredible apprenticeships for young chefs.

“It could be a great learning opportunity for cooks. We could start an apprenticeship program for young chefs and get D.C. restaurants and hotels involved!”

But for now, nobody has officially taken over the White House top chef position for Donald Trump.

Do you think President Donald Trump will appoint a top chef? Do you think, for now, Trump is having food flown in from NYC?

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