Steve Ballmer Surface RT Sales Talk

Microsoft Surface RT Off To Modest Sales Start, Says Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants customers and analysts to know that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet is off to “modest sales” after less than one month on the open market.

Ballmer’s comment is the first for the tech giant since the Surface RT was released. When the device was first released pre-orders sold out online, however Microsoft had not revealed how many initial tablets it would release for initial orders.

Ballmer speaking to Le Parisien said engineers at Microsoft are most excited about the upcoming Surface Pro, the company’s first tablet to feature a full version of Windows 8.

The Surface RT tablet has received mixed reviews. While the devices hardware has been largely touted, minus a few audio hiccups, experts have fired back against the devices software and lack of a competent app marketplace. Microsoft has also allegedly received a 20 percent return rate because of defects in the devices Touch Cover which has been shown to split and easily show wear and tear damage.

The Surface RT is not yet available in major retail outlets, a move that could help push up sales for the company. At this time customers must purchase the Surface RT direct from a Microsoft retail store or through the company’s online retail location.

The Microsoft Surface RT appears to be regularly in stock and shipping immediately at this time. Ballmer has promised to fix any supply issues in the future.

Do you think Microsoft can eventually become a competent tablet competitor versus the Google Nexus, Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Tablet devices?