Trump and Turnbull on Call About Australia's Refugees

Trump’s Australia Faux Pas: Trevor Noah, Colbert, and Meyers’ Late Night Laughs

Trump insulted Australia, and late-night talk show hosts are all over it, according to, providing much needed comedic relief for a nation divided. Unless you have been sitting under a rock, and not the one Down Under, news of Trump’s contentious conversation with Australian Prime Minister’s Malcolm Turnbull would have had you spitting out your morning coffee and wondering if this was for real.

Trump had a dispute with Turnbull about 1,250 refugees that former President Obama agreed to take off Australia’s hands. It was a once-off deal to provide relief for Australia who have been steadfast friends of America since World War II. Trump later tweeted about the conversation and called it a “dumb deal” under the Obama administration.

Trevor Noah Stunned At Trump’s Australia Refugee Feud Due To ‘Missed Nap’

Daily Show's Trevor Noah Stunned By Trump's 'Missed Nap' Leading To Contentios Call With Turnbull
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Trump has blamed the combative nature of his phone call with Australia’s Prime Minister on fatigue. The call with the Prime Minister of Australia was his fifth call with a world leader that day, and that he was fatigued by the series of phone call. He had spoken with the presidents of Germany, France, Russia and Japan before his call with Australia’s Turnbull.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah was not about to let this one slide. The late-night show host was flabbergasted that Australia was the next target of the Trump administration, Mediaite reports.

“So Trump damaged relations with a key strategic ally because he missed nap time? That is the cutest, most terrifying thing I have ever heard.”

Noah, pointed out that during Trump’s presidential campaign he would often take jabs at his fellow Republican candidates being “low-energy.” The late-night show host concluded that he now understands Trump.

“And it makes sense, because toddlers are tyrants. So now you understand Trump.”

Late Night With Seth Meyers Makes A Plea To Trump

NBC’s late-night show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, had a few things to say about Trump’s treatment of Australia. Meyers pointed out, “How anti-social do you have to be to not get along with (expletive) Australia!”

Watch The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s animation of Trump and Turnbull

Late Show's Stephen Colbert Talks About Trump's Policies
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CBS’s late-night show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, made a plea to Trump. Colbert begged Trump not to “pick a fight with Australia”. The late-night show host said that, “”Australians are the most laid back people on Earth.” Colbert added that, “They’ll cut off our supply of UGGs, koala jerky and Hugh Jackman.”

This late-night show clip will go down as one of the best reports of the events that unfolded. The animation starts where Trump is placing a call to Turnbull.

“Come on pick you! Pick up!” the character depicting Mr. Trump demands.

“G’day,” drawls an Australian male voice when he eventually answers the phone.

“Look, Mr. Prime Minister of Australia we’re not going to take your stupid refugees,” Trump declares aggressively. “I won huge, big league… My inauguration crowd was the biggest in the whole history of the world… I talked to all of the best, most important people and you’re by far the worst.”

“Look..” the Australian voice says before being cut off.

“No, you look,” Trump won’t let him finish. “Your country is a giant desert full of jumping rats and your toilets go the wrong way. Vegemite is garbage. AC/DC is overrated. That’s not a knife, this is a knife,” whereupon Trump pulls out a knife and rams it into his Oval Office desk.

“I’m sorry, this is an Outback Steakhouse,” the Aussie male voice drawls.

“Oh,” Trump says, taken aback. “I’ll take a Bloomin’ Onion.”

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