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‘Dance Moms’ Star Abby Lee Miller Reveals Real Reason Why ALDC Needs Minis

The ALDC minis are definitely here to stay. In the most recent Dance Moms Season 7 episode, Abby Lee Miller finally revealed why she has been so insistent in keeping the minis in the group dance.

Previously on Dance Moms Season 7, the minis and junior elite had a hard time with their group routine, called “The Thinner the Air, the Harder to Breathe.” As difficult as the routine was, the moms thought that Maesi, Elliana, and Lilliana were the ones bringing the group down. At one point, Abby had to place a yellow tape on the ground to serve as a guide for the minis.

“It’s never like this when it’s just the big kids, I’m sorry. Every time she tries to incorporate the age groups, we end up with this hot mess number that’s not ready by Friday, and so it’s like, why keep shooting yourself in the foot?” Ashlee Allen, Brynn Rumfallo’s mom, told her Dance Moms co-stars.

What did you think of the group dance clowning around Tuesday? #dancemoms

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Abby Lee Miller soon revealed that she wanted to keep the minis in the group number to increase their chances of winning at the Sheer Talent competition. As ALDC’s oldest dancer, Kalani Hilliker, just turned 16, the junior elites would technically have to compete in the teen division. By bringing the minis in, Maesi, Elliana, and Lilliana could pull the group’s average age down, allowing the Dance Moms stars to compete in the junior division. As the ALDC coach explained, the competition in the teen division was just too stiff for the girls to handle at the moment.

“You know the moms just don’t stop talking about their daughters dancing with the little ones. Don’t they realize wit those little kids they could compete in the junior division? When you dance in the teen division, the level of talent is so much greater everybody is advanced. If we’re gonna stand a chance in winning this weekend, we’re gonna need to pull our age down. As simple as that.”

Abby’s plan clearly worked and the group routine ended up winning 1st overall.

Even though it was Kalani’s first time to dance as a senior, the Dance Moms star also ended up winning 1st in her category as well as in the overalls. Her mom, Kira Girard, later revealed that the competition was made even harder because Kalani was much younger than the other dancers in the age bracket. Although thrilled with her win, Kalani shared that it was definitely a bittersweet moment for her.

“I’m so happy that I won first place with my solo and I won high score in solo for the whole day, which is really exciting nut its kinda sad this is my first time in the senior category. Baby Kalani is growing up, as Nia would say.”

Back again

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With majority of the Dance Moms junior elite dancers moving on to bigger things, Nia Frazier starting an acting career and Kendall Vertes releasing a new single, Abby Lee Miller recently admitted that she’s worried about ALDC’s future. As reported by Inquisitr, back in Season 6, Abby decided to bring in four minis to join the group. She, however, eventually decided to form one super group, composed of the minis and junior elite.

“I’ve decided that Lilliana and Elliana will fit in best. I know the moms aren’t gonna be happy but the girls are getting older. I don’t have much time left with them and as sad as that is, I have to think about my future and that means inviting two minis to be part of my great eight,” Abby explained.

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Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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