Time for the Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl 2017: How You Can Watch The Big Event, Meet The Stars

Every single year people love watching the Super Bowl, but almost as many people are excited about the Puppy Bowl. The big event features animals that are ready to be adopted and looking for their forever home. If you are looking for details on the Puppy Bowl for 2017, then you are in the right spot! This airs on Animal Planet every year, and Us Magazine has some of the big details about this year’s Puppy Bowl.

The 2017 Puppy Bowl XIII is one that you do not want to miss watching. This will be the 13th year that Animal Planet has done this event. Team Ruff and Team Fluff will be playing against each other, and it is going to be a great game. This will all happen before the Super Bowl, so if you want to watch it you can actually catch both of the games this Sunday. After the Puppy Bowl, you can change stations and watch the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

If you want to watch the Puppy Bowl, you can catch it on Animal Planet starting at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT. It will be airing there, but it will also be online if you have a streaming service, such as Direct TV, that will let you watch your stuff live after logging in.

Fox 2 Now shared about one of the shelters that will be featured on this year’s Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet partners with 34 rescue groups and animal shelters across the country for this event and will help find homes for about 80 animals. Stray Rescue of St. Louis will be featured and have five of their strays in the event. No matter where you live, you might have a shelter featured on the Puppy Bowl near you, but if not there should be a shelter with adorable puppies looking for their forever home.

Animal Planet also has a few details about the Puppy Bowl 2017 on their site. If you click on the player profiles, you can get to know all of the puppies that will be in the big event this year. This is the best way to do decide ahead of time who you will be cheering on during the Puppy Bowl. Countess is one dog that is in the Puppy Bowl this year who is worth watching. Countess is an English Bulldog, who has a special need, but doesn’t let that hold her back at all. She can play in the top level just as well as the rest of them. Wrinkles is the youngest player on Team Fluff, but he may just surprise you with his skills.

Animal Planet explains how you can actually adopt a puppy if this is something that you are looking to do. They have a list of every single shelter that was involved in the event this year. This means that if you found a certain dog you fell in love with, then you can contact them and then find out if the dog is still available. If not, they may have the perfect one for you anyway. There is also a survey you can take to find the right dog for your family.

Are you excited about the Puppy Bowl 2017? Do you plan to watch this big event? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the Puppy Bowl on Sunday, February 5 on Animal Planet.

[Featured Image By Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery Communications]