WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Favorite Match, Breaking Into WWE, And Bray Wyatt

WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Favorite Match, Breaking Into WWE, And Bray Wyatt

Randy Orton has been wrestling in the WWE for 17 years now, and after this year’s Royal Rumble win, he gets the chance to main event another WrestleMania. To celebrate his huge win, Randy Orton appeared on the ESPN wrestling segment Off the Top Rope with Jonathan Coachman and talked about his career up to this point.

The interview had some great questions and answers as Randy Orton talked about breaking into the business and finally becoming a star. When many people think about Orton making it in the WWE, many point to his famous father, Cowboy Bob Orton.

However, Orton said that having a famous dad who was a star in the WWE made things harder for him to a point. Randy said that there were guys from the indies who fought hard to get to the WWE, some sleeping in their cars, and he never had to go through that.

WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Favorite Match, Breaking Into WWE, And Bray Wyatt
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However, Randy Orton said he broke into OVW with names like John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, Brock Lesnar, and Dave Bautista. He pointed out that those were All-Americans and pure athletes and they were all prepared for the job of a professional wrestler. Randy said he had to work harder just to prove he belonged there.

It is easy to look around and see that being a second-generation star does not guarantee success. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase were all bigger stars than Cowboys Bob Orton. Despite this, Curtis Axel, is a jobber, Cody Rhodes quit the WWE because he didn’t feel they were behind him, and Ted DiBiase Jr. was pretty much pushed aside and finally retired completely.

Despite this, Randy Orton pushed on, fought hard, and became a legitimate WWE Hall of Fame superstar. Orton is a 12-time world champion in the WWE. He has also held the tag team titles and Intercontinental Championship and is one of only a handful of men who have won more than one Royal Rumble event.

When asked about the people who helped make him a star, Randy Orton immediately pointed out Evolution and how men like Nature Boy Ric Flair and Triple H took him under their wings and helped teach him what he needed to know to succeed in the business.

WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Favorite Match, Breaking Into WWE, And Bray Wyatt
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However, the one moment that Randy Orton pointed out made him an official WWE main event superstar came at a PPV called Backlash when he fought Mick Foley. That was not a world title match and was actually for the Intercontinental Championship contested under hardcore rules.

Mick Foley was wrestling as Cactus Jack in the match and the two put their bodies on the line to put on a show for the fans. A barbed wire baseball bat came into play and Orton somehow was able to overcome the hardcore legend and win the match with an RKO through the barbed wire bat.

According to Randy Orton, that was when the WWE Universe took notice that he was willing to do anything to put on a good show and win matches and he said that is when fans started to actually pay him the respect he had fought for throughout his young career. When talking about the match, Orton called it one of the best of his entire career.


Moving to the present day, Randy Orton says he is having the most fun of his entire career right now working with Bray Wyatt, who he calls one of the best creative minds on the WWE roster at this time.

The rumors have Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt wrestling at WrestleMania, and if that means Wyatt is winning the world title at Elimination Chamber, that could finally position Wyatt at the top of the card – a place that Randy Orton feels that he belongs.

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