Lena Dunham Teases Girls Movie Premiere Sixth Season

Lena Dunham Teases ‘Girls’ Movie At Premiere Of Show’s Final Season

Lena Dunham spoke to media Thursday night at the premiere of the sixth and final season of HBO show Girls, teasing the possibility of a follow up movie.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Dunham expressed her enthusiasm at the prospect of continuing the Girls saga.

“We’d love to do a movie. We wanna know who they [the characters] become. We’re not ready to say goodbye to it.”

Lena Dunham Jenni Konner Girls Premiere
Lena Dunham and showrunner Jenni Konner have spoken about the possibility of a ‘Girls’ movie. [Image by Evan Agostini /AP Images]

Head writer and executive producer, Jenni Konner agreed.

“We don’t know what the movie is, but yes, we’d love to do the Girls movie. I miss the characters already. I’m still pitching for them.”

The premiere, at New York City’s Lincoln Centre, saw the cast reflect on the past seasons of the show, while looking ahead to what the future could hold for their characters.

Andrew Rannels, sees his character Elijah becoming “like a Wendi Deng Character. I want him to marry Rupert Murdoch and just be, like, living the f***in’ dream and taking his helicopter to see the ladies.”

Alex Karpovsky, who plays café owner and sometimes love interest, Ray, wants his character to have a “more fulfilling relationship” along with a “more constructive expression for his political and artistic desires.”

Karpovsky continues, explaining that he would like to see Rannels’ character Elijah in a spinoff.

“It’s a character we just started to peel back the layers on in Season 5 Episode 9. We saw him have this very sort of tender, vulnerable moment with the Corey Stoll character, too. We don’t know him that well. It’d be a great opportunity to explore who he is.”

When asked the same question, Rannells quickly replied that Zosia Mamet’s character, Shoshana was his pick, explaining that he “would love to see what she’s doing. What she’s wearing, who she’s talking to. She’s gonna have all new friend’s.”

Jemima Kirke, who plays the bohemian, reformed party girl Jessa, would prefer to see a spinoff featuring Hannah’s offbeat neighbour Laird.

“Oh, Laird. He’s funny. I love everything about him.”

Girls Sixth Season Premiere
Jemima Kirke attends the premiere of the final season of ‘Girls’ on Thursday, in New York. [Image by Evan Agostini/ AP Images]

Jon Glaser, who plays Laird, agrees, telling Vanity Fair“Laird’s the obvious No. 1. That’s not even me saying that.”

Speaking on the red carpet, Allison Williams, who plays character Marnie discussed the impact the show had had on its female audience.

“I think this show introduced the television audience to a new kind of heroine who doesn’t look like the way that people aspired to look. It’s been such a privilege to be a part of something that people had opinions about. Even if they were bad, they were from people consuming media that was made by women.”

There is no denying the show has had its detractors, with five seasons of content giving people an endless number of points to take issue with. From a lack of diversity in characters, to gratuitous nudity and polarizing sex scenes, the show has faced many controversies.

So too, has Dunham, the show’s creator and star who’s comments relating to her strong feminist values have seen her appear regularly in headlines.

Most recently, Dunham faced controversy for a comment made last December on her podcast “Women of the Hour”. Discussing the uncertainty surrounding women’s sexual health in the United States, Dunham said that while she had never personally had an abortion, she “wished she had so she could do her part to reduce stigma around the issue.”

The comment was immediately picked up by news sources and widely circulated, creating a media frenzy that forced the star to apologize while clarifying her statement. Dunham responded with a lengthy Instagram post where she acknowledged that the joke was “distasteful”, while explaining that the statement came from the mind of a “delusional girl” character – much like the one she plays on Girls.

Stay tuned for another year of relatable controversies and cringe worthy moments as Girls returns to HBO for its final season in Winter 2017.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/ AP Images]