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Beyonce, Jay Z Expecting Twins: Barack Obama Congratulates Couple On Pregnancy?

Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement had her phone ringing for hours, from friends and family congratulating the star on the joyful news.

But the most shocking call of all came from Barack Obama, Hollywood Life alleges.

According to the outlet, Obama reached out to Jay Z to congratulate the couple on their bundle of joy. When the “Hard Knock Life” rapper reportedly picked up the phone, he couldn’t believe that Barack had taken the time out of his day to even consider the idea of getting in touch with the Hollywood stars.

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Beyonce, too, was said to have been shocked after her husband had informed her of the surprise phone call he had received from the former President of the United States.

“HOVA got a special call from President Obama congratulating him on the twins. Man, that right there made Jay’s day,” the insider gushes. “It’s not every day the [former] President calls to congratulate you, and during Black History month.”

“Jay was so thankful for the call and told Bey that while he can’t wait for the twins to get here, he really wishes they would have been born during Obama’s presidency.”

It’s no secret that Obama shared quite the friendship with Jay Z and Beyonce during his time in the White House, having often relied on the superstars to help sponsor and fund huge fundraisers, particularly during election season.

Beyonce even performed at Barack’s inauguration, back in 2009.

It seems that, even though the 55-year-old is no longer making administrable decisions on behalf of the country, he still wants to maintain a relationship with some of the celebrities he’s grown close to over the years, and that would include Beyonce and Jay Z.

“Jay was so lucky to see a black president in his lifetime and he’s equally lucky that Blue [Ivy, five] had the opportunity to witness history as well,” the insider concluded.

Having shared dozens of pregnancy photos on Instagram and her official website, Beyonce has not commented on reports claiming that she and her husband had received a phone call from Barack Obama.

Several stars, including Lady Gaga, have come forward and admitted to having reached out to Beyonce, who shared her pregnancy announcement with the world on February 1, making history on Instagram by gaining the most likes on a single picture in less than 24 hours.

Beyonce has accumulated close to 10 million likes, easily beating out Selena Gomez’s ad-sponsored Coca-Cola photo, which currently holds 6.3 million likes.

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News of Obama’s decision to get in touch with Beyonce and Jay Z isn’t the only story that would’ve shocked fans this week, aside from the pregnancy announcement, of course.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two has confirmed that she will still be performing at next week’s Grammys award ceremony, BBC reports. Producers of the show were worried about Beyonce’s attendance since she hadn’t told anybody about the fact that she is expecting twins.

Rest assured, however, that the “Formation” singer will be hitting the stage, before preparing for her final performance at Coachella in April.

Beyonce and Jay Z plan on taking a much-needed break from the music industry to solely focus on family life and welcoming their twins into the world later this year.

While some reports had claimed that the soon-to-be mother-of-three was hoping to release another album by the summer, those plans have been postponed so that Beyonce can simply put all of her energy on her twin babies and nothing else.

Are you surprised to hear that Obama made the decision to reach out to Jay Z and Beyonce after they made their baby announcement?

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