Kim Kardashian spotted in a sheer dress on dinner with Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Spotted In Sheer Dress As She Stepped Out With Kourtney

Kim Kardashian was recently spotted flaunting her sexy curves while clad in a sheer top as she headed out for dinner in Costa Rica with sister Kourtney Kardashian.

The two Kardashian sisters stepped out in style and looking very fashionable as usual though Kim made things extra spicy thanks to her sheer top. A photo of the two sisters as they walked together revealed that Kim was braless underneath the sheer top, thus bearing her breasts for all eyes. The reality star also opted to wear a pair of see through tights though they were a bit less revealing compared to the top.

Kim’s curves on Display

Once again Kim did not disappoint when it comes to style and showing off her curves and she opted for the sheer outfit to flaunt her curves as she went out for dinner with Kourtney. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star exuded sex appeal in her outfit which hugged her body tightly, revealing her prominent curves.

She also happened to be wearing a pair of nude-colored stilettos that made her look as if she was barefoot. Kim also let part of her long hair flow to the side of her boobs while the rest remained at the back. Kim also chose to step out with as little makeup as possible and the same can be said about accessories. The only piece of jewelry she wore was a ring on her left hand.

Kim Kardashian spotted in a sheer dress on dinner with Kourtney Kardashian
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Kourtney also looked quite fashionable

Kourtney also looked very glamorous though she chose not to flaunt her curves as much as her sister. That being said, she made sure that she showed off a lot of skin especially on her upper body which was only covered in a black bandeau top. The elder Kardashian sister matched her to with a pair of baggy but stylish satin-striped trousers.

Kourtney also had her hair tied into a ponytail and she accessorized her outfit with a necklace. She also wore red lipstick to add more color. Her skimpy top also allowed her to flaunt her flat gym-honed tummy. A series of photos were taken of the two sisters as they proceeded to their evening destination.

Kim Kardashian spotted in a sheer dress on dinner with Kourtney Kardashian
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One particular snap managed to capture a good angle of Kym’s famous posterior as she walked past with her tights hugging her booty ever so tightly. Another photo featured the mother of two smiling back at Kourtney as they walked, perhaps complementing each other on their choice of outfits. Kim recently posted a book club invitation on Twitter.

“So guys….. @chrissyteigen & @jenatkinhair & I are starting a book club! I’m making them read Embraced By The Light as our first book! (sic),” Kim wrote on Twitter.

The Kardashian family traveled to Costa Rica as their vacation destination and the holiday has allowed them to spend a lot of time together while unwinding and having fun. Previous photos feature the Kardashian sisters including Khloe and Kylie parading their sexy bodies in sexy bikinis.

It is also believed that the Kardashians were also filmed some scenes for their reality show during their time in Costa Rica. This is good news for their fans because they look forward to seeing more of what the Kardashians have been up to during their holiday. Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney’s dinner presented a chance for them to connect and talk more which is good considering they have not had much time to catch up.

Perhaps the two sisters were catching up since they have not had the opportunity to hang out together as much. Kourtney has been spending more time with Khloe lately, perhaps because they are gym partners.

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