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Khloe Kardashian Having Sexy, Explicit FaceTime Calls With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian’s trip to Costa Rica has come to an end, and one person who couldn’t be happier is Tristan Thompson.

The reality star, who enjoyed a brief vacation with her entire family last week, was said to have engaged in endless FaceTime conversations while in Costa Rica because of the supposed fact that Tristan was finding it hard not to be around Khloe for more than a week.

As previously revealed, Khloe Kardashian now spends most of her time in Cleveland, where she recently purchased a home, in an effort to be closer to her man, who plays for the Cavaliers.

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Furthermore, the 32-year-old knew that if she wanted to make the long-distance relationship work, she would have to compromise and either fly back and forth from Los Angeles to Cleveland or relocate completely.

It seems as if Khloe has chosen the latter. In fact, the amount of time Kardashian spends with her man has somewhat made him depend on her. The twosome are inseparable when they are together, so for Thompson to be away from Khloe for several days at a time is a huge drawback for him, Hollywood Life alleges.

While the TV star was in Costa Rica with her family, she would spend hours at a time FaceTiming with Tristan, even teasing him with the sexy bikinis she had worn earlier in the day. A source for the outlet claims that once Thompson had seen Khloe Kardashian’s body in some of the outfits she had shown in on FaceTime, he couldn’t wait for her to get back to Cleveland.

“They FaceTime daily and she teases him by trying on bathing suits to wear for the day,” one insider reveals.

“Tristan loves watching her model them and watching her turn around so he can check out her butt, but he also gets mad because he can’t touch her. Thank goodness for technology. Tristan would be out of his mind if he couldn’t FaceTime Khloe Kardashian while she’s away.”

Fortunately for the 25-year-old, the trip to Costa Rica didn’t last longer than a week before the family decided to fly back home — after all, the Kardashian empire isn’t going to run by itself.

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Reports concerning Tristan’s love for Khloe comes just weeks after Lamar Odom had confessed in an interview with The Doctors that he was desperate to win back his one true love.

Fans wondered whether Khloe Kardashian would even consider the idea of getting back with the former athlete, considering the heartbreak he had put her through for more than three years.

Sources claim that the TV star tremendously suffered from the downfall of her marriage. Having put up with alleged cheating affairs, Lamar’s drug addiction, and his stubbornness in not wanting to seek professional help at a rehab facility, Khloe soon realized that she didn’t stand a chance to better her ex-husband’s life.

After having learned about his relapse last summer, Kardashian, who had supported Odom throughout his recovery from his overdose in October 2015, decided to call it quits and cut all ties with the former Clippers basketball player.

From there, Khloe knew that if she was ever going to move on from the relationship, she needed to stay away from the 37-year-old and find herself a man that would love her unconditionally.

From what Entertainment Tonight has gathered, Tristan is definitely living up to be just the man who is fulfilling all of Khloe’s needs, making it clear that there’s no chance she’d ever want to reconcile with Lamar.

What do you make of Khloe Kardashian’s reaction with Tristan — do you think it’s genuine?

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