Beyonce Pregnancy Inspired From M.I.A.’s Upcoming Video

Beyonce Gets Inspiration For Her Pregnancy Shoot From M.I.A.’s Upcoming Video

Beyonce seems to be seeking inspiration for her pregnancy shoot from her fellow artist M.I.A., not long after revealing her pregnancy.

Beyonce posted a photo in which the pose and setting look similar to those from a video by MIA. After revealing that she is currently pregnant with twins, Queen Bey did a flowery pregnancy shoot in which provoked criticism on social media. She was accused of copying M.I.A.’s style in her latest music video.

Beyonce in a vail with flowers all over

Beyonce shared a photo on Wednesday in which she appeared to be holding her baby bump while wearing a veil on her head. The photo for her pregnancy shoot was also taken while she knelt in front of a huge flowery display. Beyonce’s other photos from the same shoot were also characterized by a very heavy use of flowers.

Beyonce Pregnancy Inspired From M.I.A.'s Upcoming Video
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Did Queen Bey copy M.I.A.?

M.I.A took to social media on Thursday and posted some still shots from her upcoming music videos probably after seeing Beyonce’s pregnancy shoot. Fans on social media took up the matter and a lot of comments suggesting that Beyonce copied M.I.A. were written. Not only that but they also went ahead and even made memes about it.

Some of the photos have striking similarities such as the flowers and the veil. The claim that the pop queen stole the idea for the shoot also comes just a few months after M.I.A. accused Beyonce of stealing her sound. Fans supporting the Sri Lankan star now claim that Beyonce also went as far as copying the idea about her pregnancy shoot from M.I.A.’s music video as she proved in the still images.

“I’m fine with Madonna or Beyonce or Rihanna being inspired by my work, but I would like them to then go, ‘Yeah, this immigrant who came out of nowhere influenced us, so maybe not all of them are f***ing terrible,'” the Sri Lankan artist told Q Magazine.

One of the photos shared by the Sri Lankan musician features her on the back of a pickup truck full of flowers. She appears to be wearing a flowery jumpsuit, a pair of sneakers, and has a wedding veil covering her upper body. The Veil and the flowers are reminiscent of the first photo of Beyonce from her pregnancy. Additionally, Beyonce also has one of the photos from the shoot where she poses on top of a small broken down pickup filled with flowers.

Despite the controversy over stolen ideas, Beyonce’s photo in which she knelt down while holding her baby bump went viral. It has received more than nine million likes on Instagram so far, making it the most liked photo ever. The pop icon is believed to be at least three months pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy has also raised questions about her scheduled performances such as Coachella in April. However, she might end up canceling on account of her pregnancy. She explained that she had trouble performing when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy back in 2011. She only performed four shows while she was pregnant.

“When you’re pregnant, it’s a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time,” Queen Bey explained.

Tickets for the show have already been selling at $400. It is not clear whether she will actually be able to perform. It will especially be difficult for her considering that she is pregnant with twins. In the meantime, fans continue to accuse Beyonce of copying M.I.A.’s style in her pregnancy photo shoot though the expectant pop star has not responded to the claims.

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