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Kim Kardashian Walks Like A Barbie After Suffering Broken Heel

Kim Kardashian suffered a major wardrobe malfunction while vacationing in Costa Rica this month that left her walking a bit funny.

The 36-year-old Kardashian was photographed on January 29 walking with Kylie Jenner in Costa Rica when her Rene Caovilla heel broke, reports Harper’s Bazaar. Kim was sporting a $4,000 Paco Rabanne mini dress with the gold sandals as it was noticed she was missing one heel. Of course, she merely kept walking as she struck a Barbie-like pose.

“…she assumed a Barbie-esque foot position and kept walking. Like a true hero.”

The article ended by suggesting Kim a true fashionista even in the face of crisis.

“Bow down. Also, hands up if you think the song ‘Defying Gravity’ was a premonition about this moment?

Kim in Costa Rica last night (January 29)

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Marie Claire also covered the unfortunate event as Kim made her way around Costa Rica sans one shoe. Of course, it’s not noticeable at first as Kardashian continues walking as if everything is fine.

“Kim Kardashian was wandering around Costa Rica the other night (as you do), when disaster struck. By which we mean her Rene Caovilla heel broke.”

The Daily Mail shared several close-ups of Kim walking along barefoot as she and Kylie sported fashionable looks on their way to dinner.

“Photographs appear to show the reality star missing a heel on one of her Gladiator-style heels as she walked to the restaurant in a shiny red mini dress.”

While some articles reported on the fact Kim’s mini dress of the evening showed off her slim figure and ample assets, viewers quickly caught on to the fact she was walking without a heel.

“But on Sunday night Kim Kardashian appeared to head to a family dinner in Costa Rica with one shoe broken…Still, no-one likely noticed what was going on with Kim’s shoes since she decided to step out bra-less in a sheer and shiny red mini dress.”

Readers took to commenting on the article, however, they didn’t seem to be impressed by Kim’s outfit or her ability to walk while missing a heel.

“How is she breaking off heels now that she’s so “skinny”? LOL Classic.”

“She may as well be naked in that hideous dress, looks like a street worker.”

“that was a big ask of those poor shoes…. but all her shoes look like they’re about to let go…”

Other readers noticed Kylie in the photos with Kim and took to commenting on the 19-year-old’s apparent plastic surgery.

“Like Wow, man. Her nips are showing and she has a heel missing. And the other Kardasssssian is showing her fake breasts and fake face. My day will be different now.”

Kim and Kylie out in Costa Rica Last night ???? (January 29) #KimKardashian

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The article reported on Jenner’s outfit of the evening as her fringe jumpsuit made headlines on its own.

“The teen looked more ready for a red carpet that a quiet meal in a plunging white tiered gown. And she didn’t show much more modesty than Kim as her barely-there outfit revealed almost all of her cleavage and mixed silky tassels with sheer panels throughout its length.”

Kylie was sure to garner attention on her own as she showed off her cleavage in the plunging neckline. Of course, this does little to quell rumors of breast implants as viewers took it as a sign Kylie did, in fact, have surgery. However, it seems the photos continue to make news as Kim’s missing heel took over headlines following coverage of her and Kylie’s risqué outfits.

And while some sites report on Kardashian’s ability to walk off such a fashion blunder, readers can’t help but question if the missing heel is an optical illusion

“The heel is not missing. The pictures are taken at different angles and you can see that from looking at each photo when a different foot is forward.”

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