Courtney Stodden video with compromising positions doing rounds on internet

Courtney Stodden Posts Explicit Video With Compromising Positions On Internet

Sexy star Courtney Stodden recently posted a controversial and explicit vine video in which she is seen dancing and pulling various compromising positions.

Courtney really shocked her fans with her video, due to its X-rated nature courtesy of the numerous compromising positions that she pulls in the 10-second clip. She did not say much about it, though she did retweet a Twitter post by the Daily Star.

“EXPLICIT VID: @CourtneyStodden shocks fans after sharing X-rated clip,” the Daily Star captioned the tweet.

Surprising content in Stodden’s video

Courtney’s explicit vine video starts off with her sipping a glass of wine while looking miserable, clad in a black hoodie which covers her blonde hair. The zipper on her hoodie was open, revealing her cleavage and a low-cut bra underneath. A black male pops into the frame, showing concern, and asks her what was wrong after noticing that she was in a gloomy mood.

Courtney Stodden video with compromising positions doing rounds on internet
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Courtney has issues with her man

Stodden replied to her male friend by telling him that she was not pleased with her man. She also used some unpleasant words while replying. Then the male friend asked why she did not consider leaving him, to which she replied with X-rated language revealing that the sex was too good, which was why she did not want to leave him. At that point, there was some noisy music playing in the background.

After the brief questioning, we see Courtney in another scene which starts off with the 22-year-old briefly shaking her booty for the camera. At this point, she was still wearing the same hoodie, but she only had a bra and a thong underneath. She then turns and faces the camera, and at this point, she is seen with a huge pink ice lolly pop. She then puts it in her mouth briefly, simulating oral sex. She continues dancing provocatively in the video while also touching and caressing herself before the clip finally cuts out.

Courtney Stodden video with compromising positions doing rounds on internet
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The former Celebrity Big Brother star might have just made the video for fun, but it definitely raised a lot of questions, especially from her fans. The 22-year-old also added the caption, “Tag anyone with a bomb a** d***.” Fans were clearly taken aback, judging by the numerous comments that came through.

“Damn! What happened to you Courtney? You used to be so classy, sophisticated and elegant? This is straight up #WorldStar trash,” one fan wrote on the comment section.

Some of Courtney’s fans expressed their concerns about the model in the comment section with some claiming that the video is a new side of her that they never knew. Of course, there are usually the crazy fans who post weird and inappropriate comments, such as one fan who invited Stodden to make a sex tape.

As stated earlier, the video might have just been a fun meaningless vine video, or there might be some real issues behind it, though that is yet to be confirmed. Courtney is currently married to actor Doug Hutchison, 56. Late last year, she posted a photo of herself with a mystery man, sparking rumors that there might be trouble in paradise. However, nothing has been confirmed so far, thus opening the door for more speculation.

The video does suggest that she has been having issues in her marriage, though she does not mention any names. Courtney’s video is already doing the rounds on the internet and a lot can be said about her compromising positions and weird dance moves.

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