Beast, Jubilee, and cosmic artifacts now in Marvel Heroes

‘Marvel Heroes’ Adds Beast Hero, Jubilee Team-Up In Latest Update

Beast joins Marvel Heroes today as the 60th playable hero to the action RPG. Alongside Henry McCoy, a new team-up is also ready for combat. Players can recruit Jubilee to aid them actively, temporarily, or passively like all team-ups. Both heroes are purchasable now with real money Gs or Eternity Splinters earned while playing the game.

Beast utilizes powers from both his Brains and Brawn power trees with a number of talents and traits also available to customize his abilities. In the Brains tree, players will find a number of gadgets for Beast to use in combat. These powers include three different drones, two grappling hook moves, a Barrier Gadget, and the Electro-Catalyst.

Marvel Heroes adds Beast, Jubilee in cosmic update
Beast can show off his physical prowess and acrobatics in combat [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

In Beast’s Brawn tree, several melee and movement-powered abilities can be selected including his signature ability Unleash the Beast. Between the two trees, Beast has access to plenty of tech and martial options. Players can focus on one tree or mix both for a Beast with devices and physical prowess. His ultimate power is called “Welcome to the Danger Room” giving Beast the power to summon Danger Room traps to harass foes while he swings from a gymnast’s ring.

According to the official Marvel Heroes website, Beast’s default costume is the Uncanny Inhumans costume. Players can pick an alternate costume from the in-game store, though. Right now, the only other costume available to Beast is his Astonishing X-Men costume. Purchasers of the game’s Advance Pack will have access to both as part of their purchase.

Another member of the X-Men is also available today in Marvel Heroes. Jubilee is now ready to fight alongside players as a team-up hero. As a permanent companion, Jubilee uses fireworks to deal energy damage to foes, sometimes stunning them. She fires off a few similar powers as a companion called in temporarily, or players can simply recruit her for her away power. Jubilee provides one more point in the energy attribute and adds another 300 points of energy damage rating while she is not on the battlefield. These bonuses are only active if Jubilee is selected as an away team-up. For more information and background on Jubilee, check out the official website.

Of course, today’s update did more than just add two popular X-Men to Marvel Heroes. Cosmic difficulties across the game saw major changes including new loot, improved rewards, and more. Cosmic Artifacts are now dropping from bosses in cosmic-level content. These artifacts are enhanced versions of existing boss artifacts with new cosmic affixes. Each Cosmic Artifact can have one of eight new cosmic affixes like a 10 percent reduction to signature powers, a 1,500-point increase to one of the different defense values, 150 additional primary resource, and more.

Marvel Heroes brings bounties back to cosmic terminals
Some of Beast’s abilities can be transformed to feature other X-Men [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

Each Cosmic Artifact is associated with a boss in Marvel Heroes and they will only drop from that boss. For instance, the cosmic version of Black Cat’s Advanced Grappling Hook will only drop when fighting Black Cat. Players looking for that item can repeatedly defeat Black Cat in Cosmic Midtown Manhattan for a chance to loot that Cosmic Artifact.

New artifacts, both normal and Cosmic versions, are also part of the update. The new Superior Spider-Mask, for example, drops from Doctor Octopus. Players can try to farm a boss like that in a patrol zone, but they would be better off farming his terminal. Cosmic terminals are now improved with the return of bounties. Completing a cosmic terminal bounty rewards players with bonus chests upon terminal completion. These chests can have high-quality catalysts, credit chests, double the experience of normal terminals, and a low chance for a cosmic artifact.

Today’s update also made a few major changes to Angela and Blade. Both heroes have new primary resources and many ability changes. The patch notes on the official Marvel Heroes forums detail all changes to those heroes alongside the cosmic difficulty changes. The action RPG continues to update after its biggest update changed many of the title’s systems and updated all heroes just weeks ago. As the Inquisitr reported, new movement changes, the Infinity System, difficulty slider, and much more are part of the massive update to Marvel Heroes.

[Featured Image by Gazillion Entertainment]