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‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown’s Girlfriend’s Secret Identity

Fans just got to meet Joshua “Bam” Brown’s girlfriend on Alaskan Bush People. Everyone was pretty shocked to see that he has a girlfriend and is leaving the show. Of course, Joshua didn’t share all of the details about the new girl in his life, but the fans want to know. Radar Online was able to figure out who she is and a bit more about her.

On this new episode, the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People was out on the water doing a job. This was a large focus of the show, but then Joshua “Bam” Brown shocked everyone with the news that he was leaving the show. The Inquisitr had already shared earlier in the day that this was coming. Joshua found love and wanted to move on with the new girl in his life.

Joshua “Bam” Brown shared that he felt like it was the right time to follow his heart and leave the show. He was totally okay with his decision, though.

“She’s stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up,” he shared.

The thing is Joshua didn’t want to admit who the girl was that was able to convince him to leave Alaska, but it has been figured out. So how did Joshua “Bam” Brown meet the perfect girl while living in Alaska?

It turns out that he met her because of their show Alaskan Bush People, and that this helped him out to find love. Bam is actually dating a crew member of their show. Her name is Allison Kagan, and they have been together for about six months. It looks like the show has helped him to find a love that will make him leave the show, but Joshua is just fine with this happening. This isn’t the first show she was on either. Allison also worked on Teen Mom and 16 And Pregnant.

A Facebook fan page for Joshua “Bam” Brown shared a photo of him in New York City, and it looks like this is who he was spending time with on the trip. The picture shows Bam sitting with a girl and eating. Along with it is the caption that says, “Thank you Lexie Sawyer for the photo! Looks like Bam and a female companion were spotted yesterday at the Grand Central Station Oyster Bar. No sign of the family, just Bam and her. And you thought the bush grapevine was fast, huh? Happy Friday everyone! Don’t forget, there’s a new off-the-grid episode tonight at 8pm. #AlaskanBushPeople.”

It does look like Joshua “Bam” Brown has found love with a television producer and he is moving on from Alaskan Bush People. The fans are going to have to wait and see if she ever joins the show or if he ever admits that this is who he is dating. Eventually, he will be ready to share it with everyone, but for now he wanted to keep it his own little secret. His dad could tell he had something else on his mind and they had a big talk about it on the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Joshua “Bam” Brown is leaving Alaskan Bush People? Did you realize that the girl he met is a producer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Wednesdays on Discovery. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, Joshua “Bam” Brown will share some more about the new lady in his life.

[Featured Image by Lance King/Getty Images]