Britney Spears had wardrobe malfunction on stage

Britney Spears, Madonna, And Janet Jackson Star In Nip Slip Hall Of Fame

Britney Spears is the latest female superstar to have a wardrobe malfunction that drove the internet crazy. TMZ, who shared the video, has the news.

“Britney Spears revealed herself to fans in Vegas when her leotard shifted around her chest… but powered through it like a champ.The nip slip went down Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood, where she made a hard right turn during a strut… causing her left boob to pop out.”

As TMZ notes, Spears was very professional about the nip slip and acted like nothing happen. They praised the way Spears handled her slip in contrast to Janet Jackson, who freaked out about it on camera. Still, some of the commenters aren’t thrilled.

“Have yet to figure out why people pay to see her,” claims Abby.

“With Britney, the equipment continues singing, no matter what,” says a_b704.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson had a Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction
Janet Jackson’s nip-slip made historic headlines, but not in a good way. [Image by Donald Miralle/Getty Images]

As one could never forget, Janet Jackson made history (not in a good way) when Justin Timberlake pulled an article of clothing from Jackson’s right breast, which ended up being completely exposed. The Undefeated describes the event, which is the most publicized nip slip in history.

“On Feb. 1, 2004, Justin Timberlake caused a media and political firestorm when he ripped Janet Jackson’s breast cup off her bustier and her right breast spilled out of her corset at the end of their ‘Rock Your Body’ performance. For a fraction of a second, 71,000 fans in the stands and 111 million people at home saw her bare breast.”

The article adds that as Timberlake stood beside stoically, Janet hastily covered her breast. The backlash was tremendous, especially against Janet Jackson. She was banned from MTV and the radio, and was accused of promoting rape. Many people think it’s quite hypocritical that Justin Timberlake only suffered a fraction of the heat Janet did.

According to Rolling Stone, Michael Powell, who headed the FCC in 2004, admitted that the committee acted “unfairly” toward Janet Jackson following her wardrobe malfunction. Janet Jackson, who was the one of the biggest female pop stars of the previous 20 years, never recovered from the backlash. Many on Twitter still think Janet was treated unfairly.


Madonna exposed her breasts and butt
Madonna had several nip slips during her MDNA Tour in 2012. [Image by Taylor Hill/Getty Images]

Madonna has always been unapologetic when it comes to her stage antics, but this nip slip — which caused a major media firestorm — might have been an accident.

In June of 2012, Madonna was performing for 50,000 fans in Istanbul, Turkey. While singing her song “Human Nature,” a song about the backlash she received for being sexual, Madonna decided to give the audience a tease (YouTube video here). She tugged down her right bra, but it’s not known whether or not she intended to expose her nipple. After she nip slipped, Madonna makes a face that screamed, “Oh well!”

While most of the commentary was negative, Michelangelo Signorile from the Huffington Post defended the superstar.

“I love what she did. She has beautiful breasts, does it matter whether they’re 30-year-old breasts or 50-year-old breasts? They’re beautiful breasts, why not show them?” the LGBT activist and writer said.

Later that year, Madonna appeared on Ellen and said that it was indeed an accident, but she didn’t care and soon exposed her left nipple as well. She also exposed her thong at other shows.

Do you think people are making too much of a big deal out of nip slips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]