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Gang Member Slaps Dead Rival In The Face As He Lays In Casket At Funeral [Video]

A viral video purportedly displaying a gang member getting one last literal shot in at a dead rival has people wondering if the moment was faked solely for attention.

In the clip, which the Daily Star claims was originally broadcast during a Facebook Live video stream, an unnamed male in a red winter hat stands beside a deceased individual as he lays in repose during a funeral service in an undisclosed location. As he aims the lens of his cellular device toward himself and his alleged, now-deceased enemy, he begins to loudly proclaim that he has no issues striking the dead man in his face.

“This ugly n******,” the gang member states.

“Word on my mother, I will slap this n***** right here. [Go ahead and] say I won’t slap this n*****.”

Maintaining his word, the gang member then slaps the dead rival across the right side of his face, causing the crowd of mourners inside of the funeral home to scream out in utter shock and disbelief. The clip can be seen below. Please be advised that the visual might be extremely disturbing to some readers.

Viral video of Gang member who attended a rival's funeral ceremony and slapped the dead man in his coffin

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According to the Daily Star post, after assaulting the corpse of his rival, the disrespectful gentleman was forcibly removed from the premises, but many who witnessed the visual of the gang member slapping the dead man have questioned its authenticity.

“This is a known hoax,” one viewer reportedly said, while adding that the “dead man” is very much alive today.

“It’s just an attempt to go viral.”

Others got a bit more logical in their explanation of the possible falsehood of the video by alluding to the embalming process that “solidifies” a person’s skin for funeral viewing purposes.

“A dead embalmed body won’t move like that when you slap it,” they expressed.

Regardless of the opinion of those who felt that the dead gang member slap was fake, there were quite a few who believed that the moment was genuine and quite perturbing.

“You can hear his family screaming at the end,” another user relayed.

“You know that’s real. To slap a dead man in front of his family, my god.”

No arrests have seemingly been made following the gang member slap viral video, and the identity of the supposed dead man has not been revealed.

In possibly related news, another viral video that gained quite a bit of attention recently has also been called out as being falsified for the sake of going viral.

In early January, as reported by the Inquistr, a visual of 2-year-old Bowdy Shoff lifting a dresser off of his twin brother Brock took the world by storm and had viewers applauding the courage and physical strength of the young Utah resident. However, almost immediately after the video took off, most seemed to catch on to several aspects of the incident that seemed questionable at best, and peculiar at worst.

For starters, as the Sun relays, it was clearly visible from the start of the video that there were no clothes inside of the dresser, which made it much easier for Bowdy to lift off of his brother.

Additionally, despite being just several feet away from their children inside of the same residence, neither one of Bowdy and Brock’s parents, Ricky and Kayli Oliverson Shoff, ever seemed to react to the loud bang that the dresser made once it hit the floor. Also, it should be noted that Ricky is currently employed by a company called Vivint Smart Home, an organization that specializes in making what are known as “nanny cams,” or small recording devices that can be hidden in plain view.

Incidentally, the moment was said to have been captured by a Vivint Smart Home product.

What do you say, Inquisitr readers? Do you believe that both the gang member slap video or the baby Shoff rescue video are fake or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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