BTS' new concept images show the band members chilling out at the beach.

BTS New Concept Photos Unveiled, Teaser Videos For New Album To Release Soon?

After gracing the K-pop community with their first concept images for WINGS: You Never Walk Alone, BTS has unveiled yet another set of concept photos for the group’s comeback album this February. The new batch of images, while vastly different from the confetti-ridden photos from the group’s first set of concept pictures, features the Bangtan Boys all relaxed and hanging out at the beach. Needless to say, with the release of the upcoming album’s newest batch of concept images, the popular K-pop group has just managed to ignite the interest of millions of fans worldwide.

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is currently one of the biggest and most prominent K-pop groups in the world. Composed of members Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, V, Rap Monster, J-Hope and Jin, the seven-man team has taken the world by storm, with hit after hit dominating charts all from South Korea to the West. Since BTS’ debut back in 2013, the powerful all-male group has only gotten more prominent, with their latest album, WINGS, earning the number one spot on iTunes in 26 countries after its release.

The new concept images for the Bangtan Boys' upcoming 2017 album has taken the K-pop world by storm.
[Image by Big Hit Entertainment]

Considering BTS’ influence in the K-pop community, it is difficult not to be pretty hyped about the group’s upcoming album, which is set to be released February 13. The group’s upcoming release, titled WINGS: You Never Walk Alone, is expected to be a follow-up and an extension of BTS’ previous blockbuster album, WINGS. According to an International Business Times report, fans should note that the band’s newest project is quite special since the members of the K-pop powerhouse group were actively involved in the project, with some members helping in writing and producing some of the upcoming album’s tracks.

While WINGS: You Never Walk Alone has not been released yet, the album has been available for pre-order since January 25 through Synnara Records. The K-pop community’s reaction was so positive and strong, however, that the website of Synnara, the firm selling the upcoming album, eventually crashed due to massive traffic. While pre-orders have since continued, the fact that the demand was so high for BTS’ new project is proof that the group is arguably the biggest name in K-pop today.

There is no doubt that BTS’ WINGS: You Never Walk Alone would be a massive hit. Even with the album’s release date still more than a week away, the feverish anticipation of the group’s fans and the hype surrounding the project are at an all-time high. The fact that another batch of concept images have been released, of course, has done very well in raising the interest of fans further.

Images might not be the only good news for BTS’ fans, however, as the seemingly continuous influx of new information on WINGS: You Never Walk Alone has encouraged numerous K-pop fans to speculate that the band would release its first concept videos very soon. According to fans commenting on an article from K-pop-themed website Soompi, the release of BTS’ concept images might very well herald the arrival of teaser videos for some of the upcoming album’s tracks.

BTS' new concept images has managed to get the powerhouse K-pop group's fans extremely excited.
[Image by Big Hit Entertainment]

With this in mind, and with the pace of the release of promotional materials for WINGS: You Never Walk Alone seemingly shifting to overdrive, speculations are high among the K-pop community that the first concept videos for the album would be released sometime this Friday, or at least over the weekend. Concept videos are expected to trickle down in increments until February 13, when the highly-anticipated album gets officially launched.

After the official release of WINGS: You Never Walk Alone, BTS is scheduled to go on a world tour this month. The K-pop powerhouse group would be kicking off the tour with performances at the Gocheok SkyDome in western Seoul on February 18 to 19. The band is also scheduled to perform in a number of cities in South America and the United States. With yet another blockbuster album on the way, 2017 appears to be another year for BTS to dominate the charts once more.

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