Beyonce's New Nude Pregnancy Photos: Naked Pictures To Prove Baby Bump Is Real?

Beyonce’s New Pregnancy Photos: View All 2017 Baby Bump Pictures On

While people online are still chattering over whether or not Beyonce used IVF to conceive her twins, as reported by the Inquisitr, Beyonce seems to be setting out to prove her baby bump is real and stop any chatter about fake pregnancies. When Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, all sorts of conspiracy theories erupted, with some folks claiming that Beyonce wore a fake baby belly to preserve her famous figure while having a secret surrogate carry her baby. Well, this time, Beyonce has broken all kinds of records with her initial pregnancy announcement that Beyonce is carrying twins. As seen in the below follow-up photos from Beyonce’s new photoshoot, Beyonce uses her hand and her hair to cover her naked body while she bares her nude baby bump for all the world to see.

As reported by TMZ, Beyonce’s naked photoshoot — which features Beyonce underwater in some photos and with Blue kissing her naked belly in other photos — should shut up all the folks wondering if Beyonce’s pregnancy is really real. In fact, those are some of the searches that Google Trends reports came into their search engine on Wednesday, February 1, when Beyonce announced her pregnancy news. According to Google, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement prompted two million searches to come into the search engine — with many folks typing “Beyonce pregnant 2017” and “Beyonce twins” into Google en masse. Along with news about Beyonce being pregnant, folks also searched for news about Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and looked for Beyonce’s initial Instagram photo, which became the most-liked Instagram photo to date, reports CNET.

As if it Beyonce’s pregnancy news wasn’t sinking in, other people asked Google, “Is Beyonce pregnant 2017?” and “Is Beyonce having twins?” Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement already came enough as a shock, apparently, to some Beyonce fans who’ve waited five years for the pregnancy news that the fact that Beyonce is pregnant with twins sent some people overboard — while others searched for information about whether or not Beyonce used IVF to conceive her twins.

Beyonce’s underwater photos aren’t nude — but the singer wore a yellow ensemble to cover her naked and growing baby bump. On Twitter and other social media platforms, photos of Beyonce’s nude baby bump — the pregnancy where Beyonce is carrying twins, along with Beyonce’s photos of her naked belly, pregnant with Blue — are making the rounds.

Some of the feedback over Beyonce’s new pregnancy photos can be read below. Certain individuals are likening Beyonce’s photoshoot to ancient paintings, and dubbing Beyonce’s new pregnancy a blessed event. All of Beyonce’s photos can be seen on her website,, which includes photos of Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, when she was pregnant with Beyonce. In the sand in front of Tina, viewers can see the names Beyonce, Tina, and Matt. Beyonce even has a photo of her grandmother holding Beyonce’s mom when Tina was herself a little baby.

Other photos include pics of all the years that Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated various events throughout their lives, including their wedding day, their honeymoon, Jay’s 40th birthday and more.

: “Beyonce gone have 3 kids….. destiny’s child.”

“If Beyoncè has twin girls, I hope the two of them form an R&B group w Blue Ivy and call it Destiny’s Granchildren.”

: “Beyoncé’s underwater maternity photoshoot is giving me LIFE. These are unreal.”

: “Beyoncé straight showed us all Goddess personified during a time of paternalistic, toxic and oppressive so-called ‘power.'”

“There are more black people growing inside of Beyonce than in the entire current administration.”

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