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Eden Sassoon Is ‘Done’ Helping Kim Richards: Is ‘RHOBH’ Star Really Dying?

Eden Sassoon joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, thinking that she had something to talk to Kyle Richards and her sister Kim about. Eden has past experience with alcoholism, and her sister passed away from an overdose years ago. During the first few episodes, Sassoon revealed that her sister had worked on a movie with Kim years ago, and she speculated that it was during this time that both women were introduced to alcohol. Many people were upset with the way Eden talked about Kim’s issues behind her back, and it sounds like viewers want her to relax and stay out of Richards’ personal business.

According to a new tweet, Eden Sassoon is now addressing her decision to confront Kim Richards at Kyle’s party during Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Throughout the episode, Eden had talked about Richards’ issues as if she was trying to save her life. Of course, Sassoon was under the impression that Kim was close to death because of what Lisa Rinna had previously told her. And that statement seemed to be an uneducated statement, as Kim is sober and happy these days.

“I feel bad for Eden she believed Rinna not knowing LR is a big liar! Kim close to death grrrr #RHOBH,” one person wrote on Twitter, tagging Eden Sassoon and Richards in the tweet, to which Kim replied, “Eden is a big girl!! She knows better than carry a horrible rumor like that!!!”

“True Kim and I’ve never seen you look better which is why it seems so manipulated by Rinna,” another person chimed in, to which Eden Sassoon added, “I did not and will not accept that you need to check your #RHOBH FRIENDS.”

It sounds like Eden just really wanted to help Kim, but it can be tough to accept help for issues you don’t have. The worst part was that Sassoon kept trying to help, even though no one had asked her to get involved. Maybe she was trying to project her own issues onto Kim and Kyle, which just ruined any chances of a friendship between them. And fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were practically begging her to stop.

“Oh darling u NEED to stop. I get u feel STRONGLY about recovery BUT u really need to see they r NOT u and ur sister. Fellow AA gal,” another person wrote to Eden, asking her to stop trying to get involved with Kim Richards’ sobriety issues, to which Sassoon wrote back, “I’m done.”

Sassoon revealed that she was done trying to help Richards, but it sounds like she’s getting several harsh tweets from fans who see her as a troublemaker. On Twitter, Sassoon revealed that she was trying to care and show love, not call her out on her private issues.

“Yes thats best. U DID ur part and [carried] the message now let go and let God. Stay true to ur journey ur doing GREAT,” another fan wrote to Sassoon, who later tweeted that she was done trying to help and that she no longer trusted Beverly Hills women.

“I am cautious of BH women, U R living proof that there r really good ones & are truly genuine. Kyle imitated u w the dog saddened me #Real,” Eden Sassoon revealed on Twitter this week, adding another tweet this morning that read, “It’s called sharing love and kindness and it’s my story so please stay out if u have nothing kind to add.”

What do you think of Eden Sassoon saying that she’s done trying to help? Do you think she looked ridiculous on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she kept trying to help Richards who didn’t need help? Do you think it is a fair to compare Kim to Eden’s deceased sister, who died from an overdose?

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