Britney Spears recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction, causing her bare breast to pop out.

Britney Spears Keeps Performing As Bare Breast Pops Out During ‘Piece of Me’

Britney Spears has become famous for her wardrobe malfunctions. Now it’s “oops, she did it again” time for Spears as she bravely kept on performing in Las Vegas even as one of her breasts popped out of her skin-tight leotard.

Britney has been performing to frequently sold-out crowds during her Las Vegas “Piece Of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood. But on Wednesday night, that crowd got much more than they initially envisioned when her wardrobe malfunctioned on the stage, reported the Daily Mail.

Britney Spears gave fans more than they bargained for when her breast popped out during a performance.
Britney Spears gave fans more than they bargained for when her breast popped out during a performance. [Image by Michelangelo Di Battista/Sony/RCA/Getty Images]

Spears was in the middle of her set when her tight green leotard slipped to the side, causing her bare breast to pop out. The 35-year-old “Oops!…I Did It Again” songstress kept right on dancing around the stage despite the exposure.

The wardrobe malfunction reportedly was due to one of Britney’s dancers, who is getting blamed for having “poor hand-eye coordination,” according to the Daily Mail. But whatever caused her breast to be exposed, Spears wasn’t about to be halted, staying true to the principle that the show must go on.

The “Baby One More Time” singer’s fans turned to Twitter to share their feelings about the incident.

“Who cares that beyonces pregnant when britney spears had an epic nip slip last night at her show!! #britneyspears #queenofpop,” tweeted one fan.

“@britneyspears you were incredible, sorry about your nip slip!! it was still amazing, now i can say i’ve seen her and her boob #pieceofme,” posted another admirer.

Britney Spears is the subject of a new biopic.
Britney Spears is the subject of a new biopic. [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Clear Channel]

Fans will be able to watch details of Spears’ life through the years in Lifetime’s Britney Ever After, which focuses on the start of her career, as well as her relationships with both Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline. Natasha Bassett portrays Britney in the biopic, with Clayton Chitty as Federline and Nathan Keyes as Timberlake.

Rolling Stone noted that Spears’ “turbulent life in the spotlight is the focus” of the new Lifetime biopic. A trailer for Britney Ever After shows the early days of her life as a teenager, with the demands of becoming a pop superstar taking its toll on Spears.

Actress Natasha Bassett expressed the challenges she faced portraying Britney.

“I’m not gonna sugarcoat it and say I was fine.”

Also included in the trailer for the Britney Ever After are highlights from the struggles that Spears faced for years, including shaving her head, using an umbrella on a car, trying to maintain her marriage to Kevin Federline, and her performance at the 2007 VMAs. All that took place before Britney returned to the stage to triumph today in Las Vegas.

Lifetime broadcasts Britney Ever After on February 18th. In addition to Clayton Chitty as Federline and Nathan Keyes as Timberlake, Peter Benson plays the role of Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph. Matthew Harrison and Nicole Oliver portray Spears’ parents, James and Lynne.

For those more interested in Britney’s wardrobe malfunctions now than her past, TMZ shared a video showing Spears prancing around the stage with one breast bouncing.

The media outlet noted that Spears “powered through it like a champ” after a quick turn during a strut caused her left breast to pop out. Britney reportedly ignored the fact that her cleavage was exposed more than she had planned for at least a minute.

As for that recent wardrobe malfunction, it’s definitely not Spears’ first time accidentally exposing her breasts on stage. In October last year, Britney’s bra came completely undone, reported Hollywood Life.

That wardrobe malfunction also took place during a Las Vegas concert. Spears was performing “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” as the top of her bondage bra outfit became untied. A dancer dashed over to attempt to put Britney’s top back together.

However, Spears was wearing a complicated ensemble, and the top became unhooked again soon after. Britney kept right on performing, holding up her top as the dancers once again attempted to make her halter stay together.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]