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Taylor Swift Siding With Bella Hadid Over Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Romance?

Is Taylor Swift siding with Bella Hadid over the model’s ongoing feud with Selena Gomez regarding her romance with The Weeknd?

According to reports, Taylor feels stuck in an awkward situation since she considers herself to be the best of friends with Bella and Selena, but as previously revealed, Hadid wants nothing to do with Gomez, labeling her as a backstabber and a traitor, it’s been alleged.

Just last week, sources claimed that Bella was urging her friends to distance themselves from Selena, stressing that she had no idea that the 24-year-old was hooking up with her ex-boyfriend until she found out about it via social media. Selena has no loyalty, Bella reportedly told her pals.

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And while the 20-year-old is hopeful that she can remain on good terms with Taylor Swift, there’s no way the twosome can be good friends if the Selena is still going to share a close bond with the “Style” singer, knowing just how devastated Hadid was to hear about the romance.

Back in November, insiders stressed that Bella was the one who called it quits with The Weeknd, adding that the model didn’t have the time to commit herself to a full-on relationship. She was flying all around the world, giving her little time to spend with her then-boyfriend, but her intentions were to always reconcile once their schedules got a little less busy.

Hadid is confiding in Taylor Swift about her heartbreak, knowing that the 27-year-old has been friends with Gomez for almost a decade. While the duo shares a close bond with one another, Bella can’t overlook the idea of Selena still hanging out with Taylor when the “Shake It Off” songstress knows how bad Gomez reportedly treated one of her friends.

If their friendship ever meant anything to Taylor Swift, she would dump the “Come & Get It” hitmaker, but as of right now, Tay-Tay hasn’t taken any actions.

Hollywood Life claims that the former country singer feels very awkward being dragged into such a personal situation. Taylor is very close to Gigi and Bella, but she’s only been pals with Gomez for roughly eight years. It’s up to her, she wouldn’t want to abandon either of the friendships she shares with them.

“Bella is trying to convince Taylor to drop Selena from the group, and Taylor is freaking out about what to do,” Life & Style quotes their insider saying. “Taylor can see where Bella is coming from.”

“Selena’s told friends [that] the Hadid girls were never her real friends. But, she is worried about how upset it makes Taylor be in the middle.”

Bella has already found herself getting the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner on her side, with one insider claiming that the socialites are horrified by Selena’s actions, considering the fact that it was just months ago when they were all still the best of friends.

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Taylor Swift wants no problems, that’s for sure. She considers herself to be closer to Gigi and Bella, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t share the same kind of relationship with Selena. They just don’t happen to spend as much time due to their hectic careers.

While Swift is reportedly refusing to take sides in the ongoing rivalry between Hadid and Gomez, Hollywood Life continues by mentioning how Taylor has always supported her pals through thick and thin — Selena, in particular.

“Taylor supported Selena even when she was with Justin [Bieber, 22] and she wasn’t comfortable with that relationship. And she’s also supporting her friend while she is with The Weeknd. Taylor doesn’t see Selena often, but she wants there to be no weirdness at all.”

It’s unclear how Taylor Swift plans on remaining friends with both of her friends, but it seems as if she’ll eventually have to choose one of them since Bella reportedly has no intentions of surrounding herself with people she feels backstabbed and betrayed by.

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