Blac Chyna criticized for King's appearance in new family photo

Blac Chyna Criticized For Son King’s Appearance In New Family Portrait

Blac Chyna shared an updated family portrait this week that has raised a few questions.

The first and most obvious question is: where is Rob Kardashian? As he and Chyna are said to be engaged and he is the father of Chyna’s daughter, Dream, after all. The second question comes from fans concerned over the well-being of four-year-old King: why does he look so unkept?

While a lot of Chyna’s followers weighed in to tell the mom of two how beautiful her kids are, some expressed their surprise over seeing King’s messy hair.

“He couldn’t get fresh braids?”

“This is too cute but u could’ve gave my handsome lil man king fresh braids.”

Unconditional ❤

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Instagram users continued to state Chyna easily could have redone King’s braids given all the money she has and has often she gets her own hair done. But that wasn’t the only criticism people had of the photo. Chyna’s followers continued to critic the family portrait as they stated King looks a bit odd almost as if he was edited into the photo.

“why does king look like a giant”

“yes!!!!! Like King was added from a different picture”

While Blac Chyna’s post received over 700,000 likes, it also received over 7,000 comments mostly from those asking why the portrait looks so strange.

“This weird”

“looks like this got taken at a Jc penny circa 1996 haha”

Others couldn’t help but notice what Chyna was wearing in the family photo as she sported a t-shirt.

“Cute but are you wearing an oversized t in a family photo lol”

But not all of the comments were negative as people said it’s nice to see Chyna not in full glam for a simple photo with her two kids.

“It’s refreshing how relaxed you all look, like you don’t always have to be primped up for everything. nothing but pure family love in this pic”

After the criticisms, the next most popular comments were about the fact Chyna has babies with rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian, both of who are tied to Kylie Jenner.

2 month Check up with Dream , Daddy, and I ! ❤????

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“Lmao when you realize Chyna gotta baby with Kylie’s man AND her brother.”

Instagram users seemed to find it extremely funny that Chyna’s kids could be considered cousins as well. They went on to say it must get weird at family gatherings, but perhaps that’s why Rob and Chyna have tended to avoid those. The couple purposely did not attend Kris Jenner’s annual holiday party, but Kylie did show up with both Tyga and King.

E! News reported on Chyna’s new family portrait as she called it “unconditional.”

“As Blac Chyna continues raising two beautiful kids, the reality star decided to share a special new photo with her 11 million followers on Instagram. After participating in a family photo shoot with Dream Kardashian and King Cairo, the new mom shared a sneak peek at the finished product.”

And while the site went on to cover Rob and Chyna’s relationship, it didn’t give specifics on the family portrait. Such as, where was it taken, and was it planned? Instagram users seemed to believe Chyna stopped by her local Walmart for the photo as they continued to criticize the image. After questioning where the family got the photo taken, fans went on to question why Rob wasn’t in it.

“Cute But where is the dad?”

E! News states the photo came just one week after Rob and Chyna celebrated their one-year anniversary, which Rob took to Instagram to announce. However, this fact didn’t seem to matter when it came time for family photos.

“The photo comes almost one week after the one-year anniversary of when Blac and Rob Kardashian made their relationship Instagram official.”

Chyna has yet to reply to any of the questions or comments as fans still don’t know why Rob isn’t pictured and why she didn’t feel the need to spruce up her son’s hair prior to the family portrait.

Stay tuned.

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