Trump voter fraud "expert" Gregg Phillips reportedly registered to vote in three states.

Trump ‘Voter Fraud Expert’ Gregg Phillips Reportedly Registered To Vote In Three States

Donald Trump has promoted Gregg Phillips as a “voter fraud expert” in his aggressive post-election effort to prove that fraudulent votes caused him to fall millions short in the popular vote count. Now, it has been revealed that Phillips himself is registered to vote in three different states. According to Trump, voters who are registered in multiple states are cause for concern.

In fact, when the POTUS demanded a “major investigation” into why he lost the popular vote, citing voter fraud including voters registered in more than one state, as a primary reason why he lost the popular vote so thoroughly. As CNN reports, Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million ballots.

So-called voter fraud expert Gregg Phillips has claimed that at least three million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election. Donald Trump even tweeted out Phillips’ unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in an effort to buttress his “presidential opinion” that voter fraud was behind his humiliating popular vote loss.

Even the Trump campaign lawyers have stated that the election results were “not tainted,” but in the wake of increasing public mockery of his dismal popular vote performance, Trump has repeatedly claimed that voter fraud, including multiple-state voter registration, were the root of the problem.

So far, no one has been able to prove that any kind of widespread voter fraud took place during the 2016 election, reports Fox News. Nevertheless, Trump has sworn to use government resources to conduct an investigation into the claims he and Gregg Phillips have made regarding the matter.

Now the Associated Press has learned that Gregg Phillips was registered to vote in Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi on Election Day. His name, in one form or another, was listed on each state’s respective voter rolls. This has reportedly been substantiated by election officials and voting records in the states in question.

Despite being registered to vote in an “impressive” three states, Gregg Phillips reportedly only voted once in November. Records indicate that he cast his ballot in Alabama.

The multi-state voter registration of Trump-lauded voter fraud expert Gregg Phillips may end up being a controversial thorn in Trump’s side, particularly given the frequency with which the new POTUS has referred to multi-state registration as a factor in voter fraud. According to Trump, he lost the popular vote because of illegal immigrants. He claims that from 3 to 5 million of “them” voted for in 2016. Apparently, each and every one for Hillary Clinton.

Ironically enough, earlier in January Gregg Phillips claimed that volunteers from True the Vote (read: an organization whose operations he’s heavily involved in, even sitting on the board) put forth a so-called “amazing effort.” He said that these touted volunteers found “thousands of duplicate records and registrations of dead people.”

However, in his braggadocios puffery, Phillips failed to mention his own multi-state voting registration.

In an ABC interview, Donald Trump specifically targeted voters registered in two “or even three” different states as being part of the voter fraud problem in America. An unsubstantiated problem that the POUTS has repeatedly and erroneously claimed fueled his epic popular vote loss.

“When you look at the people that are registered, dead, illegal and two states, and some cases maybe three states, we have a lot to look into.”

When the media confronted “voter fraud expert” Gregg Phillips about his questionable voter registrations, which spans three U.S. states, Phillips claimed ignorance of being registered across several state lines. However, his response indicated that when it came to his own personal voter registration, it wasn’t a matter of fraud, but rather a “broken system.”

“Why would I know or care? Doesn’t that just demonstrate how broken the system is? That is not fraud — that is a broken system. We need a national ID that travels with people.”

Phillips first found himself in the public eye on November 11; that’s when he used social media to make the preposterous and unmerited claim that the “number of non-citizen votes exceeded 3 million.”

As The Washington Post reports, the-President-elect Trump repeated Phillips’ baseless claims on his own Twitter feed just a couple of weeks later.

The Trump claim of massive voter fraud costing him the popular vote immediately caused Americans to ask for proof. So far, no proof has been provided.

Interestingly and ironically, Phillips isn’t the only person with close ties to the POTUS to be registered to vote in multiple states. Trump’s White House strategist Stephen Bannon; Press Secretary Sean Spicer; Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin; his daughter Tiffany Trump; and his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, were all reportedly registered to vote in more than one state on Election Day.

While Donald Trump and his so-called “voter fraud expert” Gregg Phillips continue to allege that massive voter fraud (including multi-state registration) led to Trump’s crushing popular vote loss, the American public is awaiting the results of the POTUS’s “major investigation” for proof.

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