Nick Gordon tweets photos as tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon Shares Controversial Tribute To The Late Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, shared a touching post dedicated to her memory on Monday.

Gordon posted two photos of Brown to his Twitter account as he stated she’s the first thing he thinks of when he awakens each morning and the last thing before he goes to sleep. However, the post is proving to be quite unpopular among Nick’s 40,000 Twitter followers. Only 35 people have favorited the tweet, while others question Gordon’s intention with the post.

Some commenters questioned Gordon about his involvement in Bobbi Kristina’s death as some sources say he played a part.

“Ummmmmm……didn’t you contribute to her death?? #delusional”

“He’ll never answer that…..he’s a joke!”

But some Twitter users tried to keep the peace by stating there’s always more to the story as they implied Gordon may not have been to blame, after all.

“Y’all so quick to come to conclusions, when there is much more to every story. Chill ppl.”

Some commenters only had nice things to say as they stated everyone misses Bobbi Kristina and called Nick’s post “so sweet.” However, Gordon may regret sharing the photos and tribute, as some commenters directly accused him of killing his girlfriend.

“I guess you do think about Bobbi day and night, since you killed her. You will have to answer to God one day.”

While most of the comments are direct towards Gordon, he has yet to delete the post. In fact, his cover and profile photos on Twitter are both of Bobbi Kristina and her late mother, Whitney Houston. People reported on Gordon’s post as it comes on the anniversary of when Bobbi Kristina fell into a coma.

“Nearly two years to the day after Bobbi Kristina Brown fell into a coma that led to her death at age 22 six months later, Nick Gordon took to Twitter with a message about missing his love.”

Nick Gordon tweets photos as tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown
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The site also contacted Gordon for comment on how he was doing as the anniversary of the day he found Bobbi Kristina unresponsive neared. Nick didn’t seem too pleased with the question as he is quoted in the article.

“When reached by PEOPLE near the anniversary of finding his girlfriend unresponsive in a tub at their home, Gordon said, ‘How do you think I feel? How would you feel?'”

However, sources are quoted as stating Nick isn’t doing too well since he was found legally liable and ordered to pay millions to his late girlfriend’s estate.

“A source close to Gordon said he is not doing well and hasn’t been doing well since he was found liable in the wrongful death case and ordered to pay $36 million to Brown’s estate in September.”

Nick Gordon tweets photos as tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown
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Radar Online reported that Gordon has no plans to pay the $36 million as ordered by a judge as the site quotes one of his cousins. Apparently, Nick is in a bad place financially and can’t pay back the millions.

“Speaking exclusively to, Logan Harris, who claims to be Gordon’s cousin, said that Nick is in dire financial straits since he’s been ordered to pay more than $36 million to Brown’s estate.”

The site adds that Gordon doesn’t even have a job since his pay will only go towards the lawsuit.

“…wants to get financially stable but he can’t get a job because it will go to the lawsuit. He is looking at filing for bankruptcy.”

The source added that Gordon is living in Florida with his mother and is suffering from depression after going through the legal battle. And while Nick wasn’t charged in Bobbi Kristina’s death, there are plenty of people who believe he is responsible, according to Radar Online.

“Her estate sued him for wrongful death in August 2015, one month after her death, claiming he gave her a ‘toxic injection’ that led to her passing at the age of 22.”

But that hasn’t stopped Gordon from dedicating his social media account to his late girlfriend.

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