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WWE News: Big Men Entering ‘Royal Rumble’ Brought To Ring On Little Golf Cart And The Pictures Are Hilarious

The 2017 Royal Rumble featured a lot of dominating performances, and there were plenty of big men who showcased their strength. While those watching at home were excited and thrilled with each entrance, those in attendance saw things a bit differently and in a more humorous fashion. Pictures have started making their way online to show that a number of larger WWE superstars had help getting to the ring by way of a little golf cart.

Last night, WWE brought forth the 30th anniversary of the Royal Rumble from the Alamodome which had a crowd of more than 52,000 fans excited and ready for action. Fortunately, those fans were treated to a great pay-per-view (PPV), and a little extra as well.

The entrance ramp and aisle for at the Alamodome was quite long, and it made for some very interesting and awesome entrances. Those viewing the PPV at home were witness to each superstar entering the Royal Rumble match after their two-minute countdown was up, and they had impressive entrances to boot.

According to The Sun, those watching the event in person at the arena in San Antonio saw that not all of the entrances were as demonstrative and strong. No, some of the taller and larger superstars on WWE’s roster entered by way of a little golf cart.

Kind of takes away the fear and overbearing nature of the giant men, doesn’t it?

The ramp at the Alamodome was just far too long for any of the larger wrestlers on the roster to walk it, get to the ring, enter, and showcase their entrance before the next countdown started. You have to admit that Braun Strowman’s two minutes after he entered were impressive as he eliminated man after man.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that the majority of those who went to the ring by golf cart were the bulkier guys on the roster – Strowman, Big Show, Bray Wyatt, Big E, Mark Henry, and a few others. Big Cass was the number one entrant, and he had his long opening with Enzo Amore, so, that big man didn’t use the golf cart.

For those watching at home, the camera would cut to the stage to show the next superstar come out to their music. Once fans saw who it was, the camera would cut back to the ring and then not show the new entrant again until they were actually becoming a part of the match.

While most of the WWE superstars stayed in character for the crowd while on the golf cart, it is evident that Big E of The New Day was really enjoying it. As he rode down to the ring, he held out his hand and pictures appear to have him singing and playing to the fans.

Back in the day, WWE used to actually have ring carts that brought superstars to the ring for matches at two PPVs. The official website of WWE even gave 10 reasons for bringing them back for future events just like they had at WrestleMania III and WrestleMania VI.

At least those ring carts had a theme and looked like miniature wrestling rings unlike the generic golf cart used at the Royal Rumble.

As serious as the Royal Rumble is to be taken due to the ultimate prize waiting for the winner, it is hard not to laugh at the golf cart pictures. Obviously, WWE knew that the aisle at the Alamodome was extremely long and that it wasn’t the best idea for Braun Strowman, Big Show, Mark Henry, and others to use their full two minutes getting to the ring. Thanks to the Internet and social media, even those at home can enjoy the fun.

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