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Luis D. Ortiz Still In Shock Over Move To Paris: ‘New York Has Its Course For Me’

Luis D. Ortiz made a huge announcement last year when he revealed that he was done with real estate in New York City. When Luis first started in real estate, he worked hard to create connections, develop a strong portfolio and even joined Million Dollar Listing: New York for a fun and new experience. And people quickly fell in love with him on the show, especially because he wasn’t arrogant like some of his co-stars and he was short, had an accent and always had perfect hair. And yet, last year, Luis revealed that he was quitting real estate and leaving the twice-nominated Emmy show behind.

According to a new Instagram, Luis D. Ortiz made a video this weekend, where he revealed that he was getting ready to move to Paris. He has announced that he’s moving there on March 1 and he’s just wrapping up a few things in New York before making the big move. And during his Instagram video, it sounds like Ortiz is still in shock and surprised over his decision to move across the world and start over.

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In the video, Luis D. Ortiz laughed and shocked a sense of shock when he talked about when he was moving to Paris and how he had to go home to practice his French. Over the past couple of weeks, he has been drinking French wine, learning the French language and studying everything France-related before his big move. It sounds like Ortiz wants to submerge himself in the French culture, so he has also been watching French movies.

“You may think I have just lost it and that’s ok. But perhaps, like Fredrik says, I may have just found it. On March 1st, I am moving to Paris! A city I have never been to before. People can’t believe that a guy who has traveled so much has never been to Paris,” Luis D. Ortiz explained in an Instagram post a few weeks ago, where he announced his big move to Paris.

Many people feel that Luis D. Ortiz may have made a mistake when he decided to quit Million Dollar Listing: New York and leave his entire real-estate career behind him. But as Luis D. Ortiz has explained in his Instagram post, he feels that the city has given him everything he could ask for. As it turns out, Ortiz feels that he is done with this city and he needs to explore the next city. Luis has also revealed that he has money in the bank, but he hasn’t talked about what he will possibly do in Paris. It’s possible he will continue his Happyholic business venture from Paris.


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“New York has been amazing to me. I have learned so much; about business, life and most importantly about myself. But at this point, I feel that I am trying to get more juice out of an already squeezed fruit. Some will say, have you really gotten everything out of New York, referring to whether I have made enough money to say such a thing. Well, I have never been driven by money so my argument, which I don’t need to make, is that yes, for now, New York has run it’s course for me,” Luis D. Ortiz explained in his Instagram post, adding, “I worked this hard to earn the ability to keep on moving forward. That’s what I mean when I say I’m a Happyholic! Its beautiful! I am the happiest man alive, and the countdown begins tonight!”

A happyholic moment ????❄️

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What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s decision to move to Paris? Do you think he’s still in shock about his big decision to leave everything behind in New York to explore a new city?

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