‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans

‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Not Sharing Parenting Responsibilities With David Eason?

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans shared the news that she had given birth to her daughter last week. Her daughter was due on January 28, but little baby Ensley decided to come just a few days earlier. Evans has shared plenty of pictures of her newborn baby girl with her Teen Mom fans, and now that she’s home with her daughter, her two sons are learning how to behave with a new sister in the mix. And while this Teen Mom star may have her hands full with a newborn, she’s now revealing that she’s not really sharing the responsibilities with her boyfriend, David Eason. But it sounds like she has a valid excuse.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that her daughter is sleeping all day and is up all night, which makes breastfeeding a challenge for her. This means that Jenelle isn’t getting that much sleep, and because she has chosen to breastfeed, David can’t necessarily help her out that much. But it is admirable that she has chosen breastfeeding, as it is the best option for the baby.

“Ran into our first Ensley challenge… she wants to stay awake all night and sleep perfectly fine during the day, lol. #NightOwl,” Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter about her breastfeeding experiences thus far, to which one Teen Mom fan replied, “You and David will have to take turns at night to keep you from being a zombie, but shes so precious, im sure he wont mind.”

“Problem is I’m breastfeeding soooo she usually needs me,” the Teen Mom star replied, sharing that she had chosen to go for breastfeeding rather than formula to supply her baby girl with what she needs.

Of course, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has options when it comes to sharing the responsibility. She doesn’t have to be the only person up at night to supply Ensley with milk. And while many Teen Mom fans had plenty of advice for her, it seems like the idea of pumping breastmilk came up quite a bit.

“TWO WORDS: Breast Pump,” one Teen Mom fan wrote to Jenelle, while other fan added, “everyone telling her to pump.. you do realize even if she pumped for night she’d still have to wake to pump when baby is up.”

But there are reasons why pumping may not be the best solution right now, especially if Evans wants to become really good at breastfeeding little Ensley. If things are going well, adding a pump and a bottle to the mix could influence how Ensley is feeding off the breast. It is better to wait for the pump and bottle until Ensley and Jenelle have mastered the art of breastfeeding. But pumping down the line could give Evans more freedom when it comes to sleeping and doing chores throughout the day, as David could start enjoying some of the parental responsibilities.

“I wouldn’t pump yet. I’d let baby build your supply, then in 2 weeks pump if you want. Drink lots gatorade, eat oatmeal,” one person suggested, while others added, “my hubby had to work while I was off on maternity leave so didn’t bother me getting up with baby. He slept in spare room!” and “maybe she doesn’t want to pump at night? I had to & it was hard to warm breastmilk multiple times a night&baby was NOT happy.”

Jenelle Evans may enjoy hearing stories from her fans about breastfeeding. Of course, every baby is different, so the experiences her followers may have had could be very different from the ones she’s experiencing herself. But it sounds like she’s very happy with the way things are going with her and Ensley when it comes to breastfeeding.

What do you think of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans not sharing this particular responsibility with David Eason at the moment? Do you think she’s right in waiting for the pump and bottle so that she can master breastfeeding with her daughter?

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