‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Faces Questions Regarding Quinn, Liam And Steffy Make Plans, And Thomas Shows A Dark Side

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of January 30 tease that there are juicy confrontations and intense moments on the way. The kiss that Ridge and Quinn shared in San Francisco has left a lasting impact, and viewers will see quite a bit more on this front in the next few episodes.

The last that everybody saw, Ridge and Quinn were doing a bit of celebrating and Katie happened to walk in on them. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Katie will be asking some questions about what is going on between the two, and Quinn will insist that she doesn’t have to defend herself in her own home.

Quinn’s tough stance may buy her some time, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Katie will manage to get Ridge alone and will push him to tell her what’s going on. He may well dance around the truth and try to convince Katie that there’s nothing happening, but she’ll be warning him to be careful.

Scott Clifton and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood play Liam and Steffy on 'Bold and Beautiful'
Are Liam and Steffy really ready for happily-ever-after on ‘Bold and Beautiful’? [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Steffy is finally divorced from Liam, and the two didn’t waste any time in celebrating and talking about an engagement. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that during Monday’s show, they will do some reminiscing about their past weddings and Steffy will talk about how she knows when she’s with Liam that she’s the only woman he needs.

Soap Central notes that Steffy and Liam will quickly jump into the planning process for their upcoming wedding, but there may be some obstacles ahead for them. Soon, Steffy will be questioning Quinn about the change in her dynamic with Ridge, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Eric and Ridge will share some emotional moments with one another as they reconnect and the offer to be co-CEO for Forrester Creations is made official.

It seems that Ridge will accept the job, and this shift will surely leave Steffy with some difficult feelings to sort through. In addition, Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Liam will become suspicious when he pieces together that Quinn was involved in making the co-CEO offer. The shift at the family company will also generate some conflict with Thomas, who was already feeling dismissed and frustrated about being passed over for the position previously.

'Bold and Beautiful' star Pierson Fode plays Thomas Forrester
Will Thomas really leave Forrester Creations on ‘Bold and Beautiful’? [Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Thomas will blow up when he learns that he is left out of the power structure yet again, and he will begin to consider the idea of leaving Forrester Creations entirely. He’ll open up to Zende about what’s going on, and Zende will be a solid source of support for him through this. Thomas will talk about feeling like an outsider in his own family, and teasers reveal that a darker side of Thomas will begin to emerge as this plays out.

Brooke has been in Italy for a bit, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will return and be anxious to move forward in her wedding to Ridge. She’ll ask her fiance for an update in his plan to get ridge of Quinn, and she’ll be quite surprised to learn that the plan has imploded. Brooke will push for answers regarding what’s transpired between Quinn and her fiance, and he will be doing some scrambling to provide an adequate answer.

Will the kiss that Ridge and Quinn shared lead to the demise of his engagement to Brooke? Will Katie figure out just how far things went, and if so, what will she do with the information? Will Thomas really leave Forrester Creations, and are Liam and Steffy really going to manage to get married and stay married this time? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will be intense this week, and fans can’t wait to see where things head next.

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