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Donald Trump: No Regrets About Epic Twitter Rant

donald trump

Donald Trump has no regrets about his epic Twitter rant earlier this week about the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election.

Trump called Obama’s victory a “total sham” and a “disgusting injustice” on Twitter and urged people to march on Washington. Trump has deleted some of the more controversial tweets but said that he had no regrets about what he said.

Trump said:

“The fact is that there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says … I have no regrets. I’ve been well-received … I will have way over 2 million Twitter followers shortly.”

Business Week reports that an online petition started shortly after Trump’s rant asking Macy’s to stop carrying the real estate mogul’s merchandise.

The petition reads:

“As of late, Donald Trump has engaged in especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior … So act, and dump Trump.”

But Trump isn’t worried about the petition. The real estate mogul says that his ties are big sellers for Macy’s and he isn’t worried about the store dropping his products.

Trump said:

“We’re one of the hottest brands at Macy’s. One of the reasons it’s so hot is that they’re great ties.”

Trump, who made headlines last month when he offered President Obama $5 million to reveal his college transcripts, also has a strained relationship with NBC. The real estate mogul’s political rants have caused a bit of a rift at the network.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams said: “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

Do you think Donald Trump should apologize for his latest political outbursts? Do you think Macy’s, and maybe NBC, should cut ties with The Donald?

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133 Responses to “Donald Trump: No Regrets About Epic Twitter Rant”

  1. Anonymous

    the buffoon is the one that deprived a charity of $5 mil. why? ego to big? hiding something?

  2. David Cancel

    Mr Trump, when you are ready to hang yourself for all the hate you spread around, and Macy's and NBC dump you.
    like a bag of you know what, I will pay for rope and help you move on to the devils land. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  3. Anonymous

    What a creepy looking man Trump is. He has no power in his country; 70% of the people can't stand him.

  4. Cheryl Korotky

    I totally agree with everything Trump said.
    His Marxist professors, His Muslim Childhood,
    His racist minister,
    His domestic terrorist buddies,
    Have all shaped who Obama is today!
    Beware America! You have no idea what you've done!

  5. Kathy Pinchak

    Donald Trump is a true American afraid of where obama is taking our beautiful Country!!! Its sad that we have so, so many people in the wagon and not enough pulling it!!! Romney went wrong when he said he would create jobs!!!! The leaches just want to live off of the hard working people of this Country and it is sickening!!!! Worked the polls and I definitely seen it first hand!!! Sick

  6. Edward Barclay

    You're an idiot Cheryl…It's scum like you that has caused too many problems for this country. You're the minority, and if you don't like it then leave!

  7. Edward Barclay

    Carolyn…The Repubs always twist things around so don't really know which part they believe in. Freedom of speach is great. We all enjoy this freedom. It's the constant HATE which you and others bring that shows your azz.

  8. Kathy Pinchak

    Cheryl ~ you summed it up perfectly!!! Why is it that obama has his college transcript's sealed!?! Spends an a lot of money doing so. What could be so bad that he needs to have them sealed!!! Can any of you obama lovers tell us WHY? Please Edward and Sandra ~ clue us in!!!!!

  9. Lori O'Leary George

    You are such a democrat Edward….She said nothing about you and you attacked her….so, who is scum?

  10. Dave Smith

    Cheryl you are so stupid. None of what you said is even true, you are a racist just like Kathy Pinchak and are mad that Obama won and your boy Romney didn't. Get over it, Obama won fair and square

  11. David Maderich

    America has free speech. I don't agree with Donald, but he has a right to free speech. As for people like CHeryl Korotky – read a book, read a magazine, pick up a newspaper – President Obama was not raised a Muslim. And as for having a racist minister? If your catholic priest is a child molester, does that make you a child molester? I think not. Terrorist buddies? I'm sure all of us have associated with people with sorted pasts – does that make us a reflection of that person? No.

  12. Michael Kennedy

    How about if we agree to ignore the Donald for the next 4 years and see if he can survive without the attention. OK – I'll lishen to him if he explains he he evaded service in the military during the Viet Nam era.

  13. Kathy Pinchak

    I know one thing ~ oBAMA spending an awful lot of money to keep his transcripts under lock and key!!!! Please obama lovers ~ WHY DO YOU THINK obama HAS SEALED HIS RECORDS????? PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND!!!!!!

  14. Sandra Cook

    You tell that cheryl get her facts straight and maybe she wouldn't sound so ignorant.

  15. Pearl Wisdom

    Kathy Pinchak Repeating the same tired lies over and over just won't make them true. His records aren't "sealed" they are simply private, as are the records of every other student. It's a free service the LAW provides us all.

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

    FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are "eligible students."

  16. Geraldleane Coleman

    The Donald is a worst case scenario to mankind. Who cares about what he says(except for people. that think like him) he is hungry for attention and will disrespect himself and others to get it. Macy's and NBC should get rid of him because he defames their names by associating with him.

  17. Erin Boomer

    ……..I regret him. He will continue to make himself irrelevant. I won't buy his products because of his behavior. It should not be rewarded, rather ignored.

  18. Nancy Collins

    Kathy you should be sick, and by the way this country was built on the backs of slaves, and we do not hate white people for that. The Bible says God is no respector of persons. Try reading Galatians 5:22 and see if it will help you to change your respective of all of GOD'S people. Have a great life okay.

  19. John Castillo

    why does ever one that didnt support Obama say game over man game over. were all f###ed really really it fells like episode of south park ever one that voted for McCain all say world is ending and say were going to die.if i recall it was bush who put us in this hole and your prob still say he was good president watch youtube and camper Romney and bush its really like watching SNL skit. it looks l
    ike your watching SNL but your really watch the debts. just because you know how bussines runs doesnt mean they know what there doing. the ceo's off banks know how to run a bussines but most of them run there company in the ground and need a bail out. its easy for president to run it in the ground but way harder to fix it.

  20. Kathy Pinchak

    @Nancy ~ you sick piece of shit ! It's your kind that cannot vote out of color!!!! Let me ask you you idiot! Why is it that your brother has his transcript's sealed?!?! Do you know? To many people in the wagon and the rest of are getting tired of pulling it. Watched at the polls half the idiot's didn't even know how to use the polling machines. Once Romney said he would create jobs you assholes panicked. The idiot in office has done NOTHING but blame everyone else for HIS failure.

  21. Kelly Connell

    because they don't matter. He is President, his college transcripts will show what? What courses he took? His grades? Who cares. I don't have to show my transcripts when I apply for jobs, why should he?
    Also, were you this outraged about Romney's refusal to show his tax returns?

  22. Kathy Pinchak

    HOW COME NO ONE HERE COULD SAY "WHY" obama HAS HIS TRANSCRIPTS SEAL!!!! Gonna sit back and watch the show for the next 4 years and LMAO cause this dumb shit you guys put back in their has NO CLUE what he is doing!!!!!

  23. JoAnne Shipman

    Educate yourself… The percentage of government spending that goes towards welfare it much lower than other expenses. I would much rather vote for someone who is compassionate for the less fortunate than someone who would let them just starve.

  24. Kathy Pinchak

    He is just not capable running this Country!! All he know how to do is run his mouth!!!! Tired of watching this country sinking deeper in debt. @Kelly ~ if he is hiding anything as far as his transcript WHY is he spending millions to keep them sealed? Should be pretty easy to bring them out for everyone to see. And Romney gave 2 years of his taxes. My concern is obama spending the taxpayers money not how Romney is spending his own. Watching your president covering up the murders of our fellow americans in Libya!!!! He is sickening!!!

  25. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    Can't wait until I can sit back and laugh at the idiots who voted for him, whether they be dead, felons, illegals, or the downright stupid ones. LOL

  26. Kathy Pinchak

    I must leave you obama cult members ~ you people are not worth my time. GET JOBS!!!!!

  27. Kathy Pinchak

    @Karen ~ aren't these idiot's sick ~ they love watching our Country being destroyed!! They are actually proud of it!!!! LMAO

  28. Kathy Pinchak

    Who will your president blame for the past 4 years!!!! I know BUSH!!!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!

  29. Kathy Pinchak

    JoAnne Shipman ~ You crack me up!!!! They sure as hell don't look like their starving!!! A bunch of lard asses!!!! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!!!!

  30. Jason Lanzo

    Kathy Pinchak "Romney went wrong when he said he would create jobs?" Oh I actually think he went wrong more then that……

  31. Anonymous

    Kathy Pinchak Its real funny, It really crack me up, how you can hide behind a computer screen and make Idiotic comments… You are so brave!

  32. JoAnne Shipman

    Kathy, the next time you are at the store compare the price of "healthy food" to "unhealthy". It is not easily affordable. Anyways, I am sure it wouldn't matter to you anyways… You clearly have your mind made up on the subject…

  33. Janice Manz

    Absolutely not. We have a dictator thief in the White House and he should be indicted for treason and sentenced to the maximum the law allows. Trump is right but the useful idiots who expect everyone else to pay for their lives will get their comeuppance. This fatally flawed ideology is a recipe for disaster. Even Plato knew it despite his writings and ranting. This is nothing knew. It's failed every single time.

  34. Janice Manz

    Please don't be saying that obammie has class???? He's been a ruthless blood sucking parasite since the day he was born. You are too stupid to know you're being used, you uneducated sycophant.

  35. Anonymous

    Karen Heider Karmazsin What are you so mad that there's a Negro in the white house smh! I hope you and the rest that can't stand President Obama because he is black gets sick to your stomach every time you see him on the tv, hear his voice, or read something about him for the next four years… you will get alittle taste of bitterness of how my ancestors felt when your great – great grandfather was beating them during slavery…

  36. Janice Manz

    Edward Barclay, we are constitutional loving Americans. You're the one who should leave or rendered harmless. Even idiots can be a danger to liberty, you useless idiot. You can't argue rationally because you don't understand history, economics or freedom and values that support freedom. You will get your comeuppance. Just give the jackal in the white house a few more months. Your freebies wills stop because no one will be subsidizing this evil government. Be gone with you, you braindead communist minion.

  37. Anthony Smith

    Obama’s college records are not “sealed” by a court order, as this graphic would have you believe. It would be illegal under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former student’s records to reporters or members of the public without that person’s specific, written permission. Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records. George W. Bush’s grades at Yale eventually became public, but only because somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine. Bush himself refused to release them, according to a 1999 profile in the Washington Post.

  38. Janice Manz

    Sandra Cook Liberals are the haters because you hate yourselves. You can't even rely on yourself. You have to rely on everyone else to sustain life. Worthless children that never grew up. Now start pounding the table and stamping your feet. Your nanny obammie will turn his back on you. Just wait and see.

  39. Janice Manz

    Don't for a minute think that you're a majority. Obammie stole that election. He was not voted in honestly. That lying deceptive regime would have never left the election to chance. Wonder why our votes get counted by a company in socialist Spain that has ties to George Soros one of the most corrupt men in modern history. Can you read? If so, look for the truth. It's there if you really want it. Or do you need free stuff from everyone else to survive? Can't take care of yourself? Better figure something out cause obammie ain't going to take care of you either. The money just does not add up, space cadet.

  40. Brad Beach

    Edward Barclay Edward Barclay Edward Barclay You are the minority, and the idiot pacifist homo 3rd world country lover. When the shit hits the fan like Cheryl is talking about, us doomsdayers are the ones with the guns, and you will beg for mercy as someone puts a bullet in your forehead. It's called checks and balances. Then, everything goes back to normal and your genes are out of the pool.

  41. Janice Manz

    Edward Barclay Unbelievable that you can't even recognize a lie. I feel sorry for you even though I think you are a moron. Donald keep it going. You have a huge following. We know you're right. Obammie is thug communist with a muzzie tendency and hates america and especially edward barclay.

  42. Brad Beach

    Edward Barclay Edward Barclay Edward Barclay You are the minority, and the idiot pacifist homo 3rd world country lover. When the shit hits the fan like Cheryl is talking about, doomsdayers are the Pubs and the ones with the guns, and you will beg for mercy as someone puts a bullet in your forehead. It's called checks and balances. Then, everything goes back to normal and your genes are out of the pool.

  43. Janice Manz

    Oh, Donald will survive but you won't. You think the economy is bad now. . . I just don't understand how you people don't see what history has taught us? Perhaps you can't read and think critically. I am forced now to pray for you.

  44. Brad Beach

    He's richer than you will ever be, even if you lived to be 10,000,000 years old. How stupid do you feel know crimson and clover sandal wearing tree hugging pot smoking wife swapping petuli smelling LOSER! I bet you typed that while eating Ramen noodles.

  45. Kathy Pinchak

    Okay!!! The election is over, the talking is done. My party lost, your party won. So let us be friends, let arguments pass. I'll hug my elephant, you kiss your ass!!! Just had to leave you blood sucking leaches with that!!!! Keep and eye out for all the job loses!!! Oh that's right you guys aren't interested in jobs ~ expect us to carry your asses on our backs!!!!

  46. Brad Beach

    He's richer than you will ever be, even if you lived to be 10,000,000 years old. How stupid do you feel know crimson and clover sandal wearing tree hugging pot smoking wife swapping petuli smelling LOSER?! I bet you typed that while eating Ramen noodles.

  47. Janice Manz

    What does that mean, "you reget him?" You better get yourself a dictionary so you know how to use words. You likely could not afford his products anyway and he won't miss you. You will miss him when there are no more jobs in the usa. Haven't you learned how awful these policies are from the other braindead countries who adopted them and are now starving to death. WAKE UP!!!! READ A BOOK!!! No one is going to support you.

  48. Brad Beach

    Donald Trump could fuck a 10 year old and get away with it. Money is power, just like Obama gets away with all of his atrocities towards the Americans and it's soil. Wake the fuck up.

  49. Brad Beach

    Yeh, he's an idiot with billions and always will have. How do you feel now with your little babies you are hugging in your pic. RETARD.

  50. Brad Beach

    Why would he be hungry for attention when he has billions, and always will have? You bite the hand that is trying to feed you, black panther socialist communist slave. The world could crumble, and he will still be safe watching you kill yourself for 10 cents an hour. And it's coming sista, and you asked for it!

  51. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    @dillia16 people really need to get off the race card crap. I am sick and tired of people calling other people racists because they don't like Barack Hussien Obama, I don't like his policies or what he has done to this country……………………… I don't like Hillary Clinton either so now what does that make me. I like Allen West so what does that make me. You people are pathetic………………..

  52. Anonymous

    Kathy Pinchak lmbo its eating you alive that America has a black President and you know what I love it!!!!

  53. Kathy Pinchak

    dillia16 ~ I'm sure it's not the white half of obama screwing up the Country that's for sure!!! GET A JOB YOU BLOOD SUCKING LEACHES!!!!!

  54. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    Why do you keep talking about slavery, that is long time over with. I was not around when that took place, so I really don't want to hear it anymore, nor do a lot of other people. If you have it so bad here, nobody is holding you back.

  55. Anonymous

    Janice Manz lol It’s eating you alive that America has a Black President…. WoW! I love it!!! Please continue with your idiotic comments… Keep showing us how you can't sleep at night because there's a Negro running the country… please continue lol

  56. Jason Lanzo

    ….you gotta settle down bro.,…or there will be Hell toupee,…get it? Toupee?….HA HA HA!

  57. Pearl Wisdom

    Get a clue; the voters in states that went for Obama (and historically vote Democratic) are among the richest and most educated in the country.The opposite is true for Romney and Republicans.

  58. Kathy Pinchak

    @Jason ~ you crack me up!!! Come on you know obama only gives them to the drug cartel in Mexico so they can kill American's with them!!! He loves him some drugs ~ even admitted it!!!!!

  59. Cheryl Korotky

    To Sandra Cook and Edward Barclay. Let's see! You show your hatred and childishness by calling me names. If you notice, I never called YOUR OBAMA anything. I just stated facts. He could tell you this himself. That's what really gets me about the people who support him-they absolutely REFUSE to look at FACTS. Why don't you both go out and get a job and maybe read a book. You could start with the book, "Dreams from my Father", written by Obama himself. You might actually learn something.

  60. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    Obama won by voter fraud…………………………………………

  61. Kathy Pinchak

    Cheryl ~ don't think these people could really read well ~ so maybe they can go out and buy the movie!!!! When they get their next welfare check!!!!

  62. Cheryl Korotky

    Kathy Pinchak I agree with you too! Mention the creastion of jobs and all the lazy society put some shoes on with their PJ's so they could get Obama elected again. What I see is a lot of people with very low IQ's. Intellegence is obviously a dying breed, becoming extinct. Yes, the people that ACTUALLY use their brain are now part of the minority. This is the dumbing down of America. Watch out, Brave New World & the Hunger Games. It may not just be Science Fiction in the near future.

  63. Kathy Pinchak

    Cheryl Korotky ~ I worked the polls ~ IT WAS BEYOND WORDS!!! Clueless!!!

  64. Cheryl Korotky

    Is that the best you have? Always gotta throw in the race card! We could care less that he's Black. What we care about is that he sucks as a President. 2016 our country will be 20 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT! This will be my lat post on here because you just can't argue with idiots.

  65. Kathy Pinchak

    Cheryl Korotky ~ they don't care ~ just so long as they are getting their freebees!!!! OBAMA PHONES, WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS!!!! They will keep having kids and not even know who the daddy is so they can remain on the system. Useless!

  66. Anonymous

    Karen Heider Karmazsin Bitch my ancestors build this country! I earn the right to be here! I am American Citizen; I pay my taxes like everyone else! I work hard every day to help my family survive! I am a college graduate, your worst nightmare! Who’s the Hell are You! We will continue to talk about slavery because stupid people like you and Donald Trump always making racists comments… If you don't like President Obama policy that’s fine! But stop with all your racists remarks! I didn’t agree with stupid President Bush, especial when we got attacked on 9/11 and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Where He really showed how he care about Americans especially blacks, But I never make statements wishing that he be killed or any other racists remarks… you are so sad! Like I had said before I hope you get sick to your stomach for the next four years…

  67. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    I really cannot deal with this racist crap, I am of German desent, so I guess the Jewish people should throw it up to MY face what Hitler did. People need to move on with their lives, what happened 3 hundred years ago needs to come to an end already. It is more important what happened this week, in a way I am really glad Romney did not win, the present administration has this country in the worst shape ever, there is no way in hell this country will ever be strong again thanks to BHO.

  68. Anonymous

    Kathy Pinchak you are so sad, to the point I really feel so sorry for you that's it eating you alive … I must be unemployed, on walfare to support Our President… lol But Guess what I am not. I am your worst nightmare A black, American Citizen, educated, employed…

  69. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    dillia16 is that all you liberals know how to do is call people names. You started with the racist remarks. My ancestors built this country also, I don't cry over what happened hundreds of years ago. This country will never move forward as long as people keep throwing up the past., like yourself for instance. Now that I am sick of………..

  70. Kathy Pinchak

    Karen Heider Karmazsin ~ That's why people like dillia16 will always be behind the rest of society you can see it!! Go and check out the public school system, unemployment lines, welfare, food stamps, prisons!! So sad !!! We have so many more foreigners that have come to our Country and have done so well for themselves! Oh well ~ never gonna change it!!! Good night ~ I do WORK!!!!

  71. Melinda Carr

    I have no idea how his wife can sleep with that man, I suppose she closes her eyes very tightly, and pictures jewels and wads of cash!

  72. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    dillia16 maybe you can explain something to me being you are so educated, you threw out the word negro in an earlier post in a statement you were making towards me, why is it OK for you to use that word, if I would have said it holy hell would have broke out. I am just curious, I am not being viscious, like I said just curious.

  73. Melinda Carr

    wow boys cut it out ,you both sound much worse than Donald Trump,nobody should die,gee whiz.

  74. Anonymous

    Why? It's a free country and he is voicing his belief. At least he doesn't feel one way and shows another like most do. Good for him.

  75. Christina Waldman

    I agree with Donald Trump a 100%, I have nothing against Obama, but unfortunately , he does not have experience to be our President, Regan took over our country in worst shape and fixed in 4 years, now Mr. Obama blames Bush for everything. Now what's your excuse? Why don't you show your School papers as Mr. Trump asked? What about the movie Obama is all lies? I wish you luck because this is the best country, you did nothing for 4 years, please save this country.

  76. Anonymous

    Trjump may not be as rich as he purports. These juvenile tweets May be propping up his house of cards.

  77. Anonymous

    Karen Heider Karmazsin I had used the term “Negro” because that what this country thought was an appropriated term to use to identify black people, instead of the term “nigger.” I was being sarcastic… But I would apology for calling you a Bitch; I had let my anger get the best of me… You will never know what Black people and other minorities in this country go through… No matter how much we accomplished in this country, we will always be consider second best…

  78. Pat Clark


  79. Anonymous

    Kathy Pinchak There you go again with your stereotypes or its just freedom a speech lol so sad!

  80. Anonymous

    Kathy Pinchak There you go again with your stereotypes or its just freedom a speech lol so sad!

  81. Karen Dejarlais

    I think Trumps rants are for publicity. His show isn't doing as well as he says it is. Last time before the birther thing, his show was in the tank. Then came the birther rants, and the showa ratings went WILD. He's just doing what he thinks will work for his show. Still don't watch it. I read a book instead.

  82. Jenjen Car

    people get lazy because of that food stamps!!people at my work don't wanna be full time coz they can get food stamps.they are taking advantage!!!

  83. David Garcia

    your too stupid to figure out who won the election….why..??……because your a loser,,,so you know you,romney…and the pathetic republican party…can kiss all of us liberal azz"z….one by one….take your time… have four year"s to kiss all of azz"z………………D………………..

  84. David Garcia

    brad,,,nice hair,,,does it ever move…???….a little more hairspray on the left side…..middle tennessee…!!….the land of sh#tt bag"s…!!!…..i"m surprised you knew how to spell tennessee…!!…that"s the part of this country that breed"s dumb pie holes like you….!!!

    brad,,,nice haircut….does it ever move??….little more hairspray on the right side…..what a schock,,,reading a person"s post from middle tennessee…that"s the loser part of this country where they breed dumb and ignorant trash like you… should really know about the word dumb,,,because that"s what you call each other..!!!…right brad.????….where i come frome we just call you dumb a$$"s..!!!!

  85. David Garcia

    cheryl….no ,,,you have no idea who WON…!!!…..i feel sorry for you and all these trash talking conservatives who think they are better than anyone….!!…..grow up and smell the WINNER"S….your just crying little LOSER"S who have no idea how to WIN….!!!!!…period.!!……………..D……………

  86. David Garcia

    1st of all….kathy….not only are you a loser…your ugly…if your going to keep posting…change the picture babe..!!!…….for the rest of you red neck republican"s…"s a flash…..WE WON …YOU LOST…..FOR PEOPLE WHO DON"T UNDERSTAND THIS…I will put it to you easily…i"ll even slow it down for you…..OBAMA WON and MITT ROMNEY LOST..!!…I suggest,you go to your local bookstore and pick up a book called..(UNDERSTANDING ON HOW TO LOSE 101…..FOR DOMMIES…I'm not sure if you even know how to read,,apperintley not,,but take a chance…even if you have to have a LIBERAL to read to you…now is your chance of learning something for the first time in your life"s…for you people it will be longer and harder for you to do…but this time in your life,really try,,,and maybe you"ll find yourself back in the real world,,,because you people are pathetically LOST.!!…Us democrat"s are open-minded people,,,but you wouldn"t know anything about that,,,,because to be open-minded,,,,you have to have a BRAIN..!!!……………..D…………………

  87. David Garcia

    kathy….obama had to wait for romney"s TAX RETURN"S….you idiot….and we are all still waiting for them…!!!…….for you biased,racist red neck conservatives….have you not heard….obama won…!!!….he doesn"t have to show you JACK SH@#TTT….You loser"s are saying the same damn thing you said before the election"s….your opinion"s didn"t work then…and they are not working now….YOUR NOT THAT IMPORTANT..!!!…….You never will and will never be important to this country……at least get more creative……you people are just on your own planet..!!!….the planet of who give"s a sh%tt..!!!…………..D………………….

  88. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    You're ugly, actually David Garcia I have never seen anything as ugly as you. No doubt you are living off the federal government which truth be know is actually the taxpayers of this country. The fed government just throws our money around. People should be able to vote on how their hard earned money should be distributed. Dillia16, I have absolutely have nothing against black people, I just feel it is time to move forward, not backwards.

  89. Kathy Pinchak

    KUDOS to your obama!!! Since his re-election companies have laid off a total of 5,694 people!!!! Woohoo Good Job!!!!! That's not including small businesses or the coal companies that have laid off hundreds!!!!! @GARCIA ~ what third world Country did you crawl up from??? What is YOUR drugs of choice, heroin mixed with cocaine!?!? What drug cartel are you employed by? You should check with your dumb ass VP and get yourself some plugs ~ try and help that receding hairline!!!

  90. Karen Heider Karmazsin

    Notice he is wearing sunglasses inside, what does that tell you. LOL

  91. Oscar Omar Gonzalez

    rich ignorant miserable old man with a disgusting hair piece…. who the F&*K cares about his ties…. his DUMBASS knows he makes them in CHINA! $ cant but u braincells!

  92. Kathy Pinchak

    @Karen Karmazsin ~ these people (and I hope all liberals) are being laid off because companies know they cannot make in an obama economy! Its the specific reason they are laying people off!!! Then again there can't be that many liberals that actually WORK!!!!!LOL

  93. Kathy Pinchak

    Applebee's and other companies just announced they will fire staff because of obamacare!!! Woot Woot thanks to all you liberal idiots!!!!!! ROLMAO!!!! The show is just beginnning!!!!!

  94. Anonymous

    Wake up American, let work with re-elect president for better America. politics is not about religion. Obama is what God choose to lead America at this time, accept it and stop complaining about what you can't change.

  95. Michael Kennedy

    Try as I might to feel sorry for you – wrapped tightly in a fantasy world that has no objective proof – I am even more puzzled by why you have a cross on your shield? Can't find anything remotely Christian in any of your posts.

  96. Michael Mcardle

    I know its a month old but would love to teach brad the word retard is bad. not my kid # 1 and he is not worth billions goomer pile looking mother fker.

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